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About the Center for Community Engaged Learning

Fordham students walking on campus.


Fordham University’s Center for Community Engaged Learning collaborates with campus and community partners to promote and develop experiential learning for social justice.


We work towards a Fordham that engages every member of the University community and leverages institutional resources to challenge the systemic inequities that threaten a just, democratic, and sustainable future.


  • Community engaged learning promotes student success, enhances the student experience, and supports the development of a thoughtful and engaged citizenship.
  • Partnerships must be intentional and reciprocal to merit the name. We start by listening and move forward by creating programs, initiatives, and solutions together. 
  • A personal and institutional commitment to anti-racism, anti-oppression, and decolonization guides what we do, and how we do it. 
  • Fordham can be a better neighbor when we share resources and collaborate across departments, divisions, and schools. 
  • Faculty expertise guides academic endeavors and faculty leaders ensure the long-term integration and success of community engaged learning at Fordham.
  • The principles of Igantian sprituality inform our asset-based approach to community engagement and service.