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Aug. 10, 2020 Update Fordham Forward, the plan to resume in-person teaching and learning on Aug. 26, is available below, along with extensive resources for students, parents, faculty, and staff. Full Details

G Suite

G Suite at Fordham includes Gmail, Drive, Calendar, Sites, Groups, and Hangouts. Fordham IT provides frequent training on G Suite. Connect to the G Suite apps by clicking on the small, grey grid in the upper right corner in your Fordham Gmail account.

Use of any other G Suite apps with your Fordham account is governed by the Extensions and Application Auxiliary Services policy.


Gmail is the official email system of Fordham University. In addition to sending email, you can text and video chat, and save important messages in folders. Access your Fordham Gmail account via via the Portal.


Our Gmail pages provide extensive information and helpful links for using Gmail on different devices, managing spam, creating a Corporate Gmail account, and much more.



Google Drive stores your files and lets you access them from any computer.

Access via or the apps menu in your Fordham Gmail account.

  • Collaborate on docs with others in real time
  • Create and share text documents, spreadsheets, presentations, and forms
  • Store images, PDFs and Microsoft Word and Excel files
  • Access and save files directly from Gmail


Google Drive Help Center
Get Started with Google Drive
Google Drive for Education



Keep track of important meetings and events using Google Calendar.

Access via or the apps menu in your Fordham Gmail account.

  • Share your calendar with others
  • Maintain multiple calendars
  • Schedule time and location for events
  • Add notes, reminders, and attachments to events
  • Create shared calendars for groups
  • Invite others to events
  • Email updates to event participants


Google Calendar Help Center
Welcome to Google Calendar



Create and share your own webpages and websites with Google Sites. 

Access via or the apps menu in your Fordham Gmail account.

  • Customize the site's appearance
  • Insert maps, forms, and videos
  • Embed calendars and documents
  • Publish publicly or privately


Google Sites Help Center
Get Started with Google Sites



Use Google Hangouts to text, voice, or video chat within Gmail.

Access via the apps menu your Fordham Gmail account.

  • Instant Messaging
  • One-on-one audio and video conferencing


Google Hangouts Help Center
Get Started with Google Hangouts



Google Groups @ Fordham is an online space where group members can hold discussions on multiple topics. For example, a group called "Careers in Business" might discuss topics such as "Internships" or "Entrepreneurship." Members post topics and reply to them. Currently, only faculty and staff can create a Group. Students may be invited to join the group. You must agree to the Terms of Service before using the app.

Access via or the apps menu in your Fordham Gmail account.

  • Can be public or private
  • Group owner must have a Gmail address; non-Fordham Gmail users may be invited to participate
  • Effective way to bypass email and conduct a conversation with multiple people


Google Groups Help Center
Get Started with Google Groups



Google's resources to help you get started with G Suite using assistive technology.