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Information Security

Information Security and Assurance is responsible for the overall direction of information security functions relating to Fordham University. Subscribe to our blog, Fordham SecureIT, follow us on Twitter (@FordhamSecureIT), and like our Facebook page, for updates on recent phishing activity and other security issues affecting the Fordham community.

Contact Information Security and Assurance directly at

Risk management is everyone's responsibility. Lower your risk by taking our free, self-paced online information security awareness training for employees, Information Security Awareness. To access the courses, log in to the Portal: > My Apps > Academic > Terranova - Security Awareness.

Vision Statement

Information Security and Assurance, a division of the Office of Information Technology, manifests an environment where our partners are empowered to pursue innovation and effectively manage the associated risk. Guided by Fordham’s value of cura personalis, the Information Security and Assurance sits on the business side of the table in support of Fordham’s goals, analyzing information risk and information security, providing for the achievement of regulatory compliance aligned with the integrity of the University’s mission, and working diligently to deliver effective information security safeguards commensurate with the University’s naturally evolving risk appetite.

Mission Statement

Fordham’s Information Security and Assurance division is a strategic partner providing guidance, consulting, operational services, and assistance in protecting the University’s information assets, regulatory compliance, and respect for individual privacy.

Ransomware: Online Security Threat

Ransomware is a malicious cyberattack that denies users access to their computer system or data. During an attack, the cyber attacker demands a ransom fee from the victim within a specific period of time. If payment is not received, the cyber attacker permanently locks or deletes the ransomed information. Paying the ransom, however, does not guarantee that the attacker will release the victim's data. In some cases, attackers may request more money even after the ransom has been paid. Protect yourself against a ransomware threat. Make sure your computer system, software applications, and antivirus software are all up to date and receive regularly scheduled backups.

Our post "Ransomware Awareness" offers a visual example of ransomware and more information about this threat.

Report a Security Incident
To report an IT security incident, please contact IT Service Desk or select Information Technology via the Fordham University Integrity Hotline.

Information Security and Assurance Service Portfolio
Fordham University is strongly committed to the protection of data assets and information technology resources that support the University’s academic, administrative, and research objectives. View the Information Security and Assurance Service Portfolio here. The following services and activities facilitate Fordham reaching these objectives (click the links to be transported to that section):

Important Form

  • Vulnerability Assessment Request: Make a service request using Tech Help on our portal.