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Advising or Immigration Questions?

Please contact us by email or book an advising appointment.


In your email to us, please detail your query that you would like to discuss. Once we receive your case, we will get back to you within two (2) business days. If we are able to assist with your concern or question via email, we will proceed accordingly. If your situation cannot be resolved via email, we will discuss an alternative method with you on a case-by-case basis.


Individual advising appointments will be conducted via Zoom and/or phone.

Remote OPT and STEM Extension Document Submission In Effect Since March 2020

Updated March 11, 2020

As you may know, the university took the significant step of suspending face-to-face instruction on all Fordham’s New York-area campuses because the university wants to reduce potential pathways for community spread of COVID-19 on campus. The University will also curtail some on-campus operations and redirect specific personnel to work remotely rather than coming to campus. As of this moment, there are no confirmed cases of COVID-19 at Fordham.

Given the current situation, OIS will be moving toward the "work remotely" option and will be suspending in person appointments for the time being. However, please note that we will still be providing services remotely to meet the needs of the international students. More information from the Director will be coming forward.

If you are applying for OPT, please read the instructions on the Optional Practical Training webpage. Then, you may access the online remote OPT Portal for document submission here:

Online Remote OPT Portal

If you are applying for STEM Extension, please read the instructions on the STEM Extension webpage. Then, you may access the online remote STEM Extension Portal for document submission here:

Online Remote STEM Extension Portal

To access the Online Remote Portals: Please sign into your Fordham email, otherwise you will not be able to access the forms. The forms must verify that you are a Fordham student. Please also use private browsing or an incognito window if you have another personal Gmail account signed into your browser, since most likely, any other Gmail account that is not your Fordham email will override your permission settings for viewing the forms.

OIS advisors will be reviewing and handling these cases as soon as possible.

Please note that F-1 students must be in the United States to apply and submit an application for OPT or STEM Extension, as listed under the Eligibility Requirements for OPT and STEM Extension.

Once you apply online, and pay for the shipping option, we will notify you once your prepared OPT application package is in the mail to you, which you will send to USCIS.

Let OIS know if you have any more questions.

Rose Hill Campus

Phone: 718-817-3145

Fax: 718-817-5573

Pick-Up/Drop-Off Hours: Suspended until further notice

Walk In: None

Lincoln Center Campus

Phone: 718-817-3145

Fax: 212-636-7368

Pick-Up/Drop-Off/Travel Signature: Suspended until further notice

Walk In: None