International Services Forms and Letter Requests

Current Student Forms

Deviation Form
If you have a valid and sufficient reason to NOT take a full course load during any semester, you must have this form completed and signed by your Academic Advisor (graduate students) or Class Dean (undergraduate students), and submit this form to the OIS.

Social Security Administration Application Form
Students who have received on-campus work and need to apply for a Social Security Number (SSN) need to have this form completed by their supervisor/the person responsible for hiring you. Then, bring this form to the OIS to receive a letter from us, which you will take to the Social Security Administration to apply for your SSN.

CPT Application
This form needs to be completed by your Academic Advisor (graduate students) or Class Dean (undergraduate students) in order for you to apply for CPT work authorization.

OPT Application Form and Guidelines
This form must be completed by your Academic Advisor (graduate students) or Class Dean (undergraduate students), and then you must make an appointment with the OIS and bring this form with you, as well as the other documents indicated in the guidelines.

STEM OPT Application Guidelines
If you are an F-1 student in certain majors, you may apply during your initial approved post-completion OPT for an additional 24-month STEM extension for a total of 36 months of OPT.

New Student Forms

Application for Certificate of Eligibility (AFCOE) - For all Fordham programs except for Gabelli Graduate Programs.
New students planning to attend Fordham must complete this form and submit it to the appropriate office as instructed by your Admissions Office. Instructions for completing this form are included within the form’s content.

Gabelli Graduate Programs AFCOE - Gabelli graduate program students must complete this AFCOE and submit the AFCOE and all required documents through Applicant Status Student Portal.

International Student Transfer Form
If you were/are holding F-1 or J-1 status at another US institution, you must complete the top part of this form, then ask your current International Student Advisor to complete the bottom half. Then, submit this form to the OIS office.

Letter Requests

The OIS can provide you with certain types of letters, to assist you in accomplishing certain tasks such as opening a bank account properly or applying to renew your U.S. student visa.

We will NOT issue any letters to a student who has not checked in with our office.

Bank Letter Request
In order to prevent you from earning interest on your funds in a bank account and to subsequently be required to declare that interest when you file taxes, you should get a letter from the OIS before opening a bank account.

Cell Phone/Credit Card/Landlord Request Form
If one of these types of vendors wants proof of your financial solvency and wants your Social Security Number (which you may not have), you should request a letter from us to assist you with your transactions with these vendors. You DO NOT NEED a Social Security Number to obtain those services.

Invitation Letter
You do not need any letter or document from the OIS to invite a family member as a B-2 visitor. If you wish to have family members/friends visit you in the United States for a short time on a B-2 visitor visa, you may provide them a personal invitation letter. The link leads to you a sample invitation letter.