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Global Transition Team

Thank you for your interest in Global Transition, the application for the 2021 Global Transition Student Coordinator role is now open (other positions applications will open during the spring 2021 semester).

Becoming part of the Global Transition Team

Do you remember how you felt when you first arrived at Fordham - a little lost and scared by a new place and new faces? Every student goes through their own transition experience. Maybe you are an international student yourself, or you studied abroad, and you know that finding your way in a new place can be challenging. Do you want to help new international students find their way at Fordham? If so, applying to be a Global Transition Team Member is perfect for you!

The Global Transition Team is the first glimpse of our renowned "Fordham family" and it is our job to help the new students feel welcome and comfortable, as new members of our family.

Global Transition Team Members are expected to respect University policy on and off campus, and serve the new students as a positive role model. Resident Assistants, Resident Freshmen Mentors, New Student Orientation Leaders, Urban Plunge Leaders, and Technology Assistants may not apply due to scheduling conflicts.

Reasons to be a Global Transition Team Member

  • Make new friends
  • Work with really awesome people
  • Give back to the Fordham community
  • Enhance your resume
  • Gain experience and knowledge about other countries and cultures
  • Move into your Fordham housing early
  • Get free food and a free t-shirt during Global Transition (!)

Responsibilities of Global Transition Team Members

  • Help with move-in
  • Facilitate small groups of students
  • Assist at and attend ALL Global Transition programs, sessions and events
  • Be a role model to the new students
  • Answer questions and give suggestions to new students
  • Remain available to new students throughout the semester
  • Plan and attend Global Transition events for new student groups during Fall semester

Global Transition Team Roles

Global Transition Student Coordinator (GTSC)

Function as the student extension of administrative office. Assist in planning and executing the Global Transition program during the Spring semester and over the summer at your campus. Serve as the direct line of communication between administrators, student leaders and new students. There is one Student Coordinator at RH and one at LC. 

Global Transition Assistant (GTA)

Serve as a group leader and facilitator by assisting in the success of events and sessions during Global Transition. Actively motivate students to participate in activities. Share information about life at Fordham and opportunities to get involved. GTAs must strive to develop a relationship with each new student in their group.

Global Transition Photographer/Videographer

Take photo and video footage throughout GTA training and the Global Transition Program. Create short videos, propose and implement effective and exciting ways to use our photos. Determine and pursue any relevant and effective places to post Global Transition photos/videos.

Global Transition Operations Manager

Become intimately familiar with the Global Transition program schedule, especially the locations and tech/audiovisual needs. During the program, ensure that the next space to be used is open and all elements needed for the session are in order/work properly. Be in charge of the materials needed during various parts of the program and ensuring that they get to where they are needed. Oversee food delivery and use of transportation (Ram Van, subway).

Important Dates 2021

  • GT student coordinator Application Deadline: November, 22nd 2020 11:59 pm
  • GT Team Spring Training: TBD
  • Global Transition Fall Training: TBD
  • Global Transition Fall program: TBD

Apply for the Global Transition Student Coordiantor position NOW OPEN

Apply for the GTA position OPEN SPRING 2021

Apply for the Operations Manager position OPEN SPRING 2021

Apply for the Photographer/Videographer position OPEN SPRING 2021



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