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Understanding Your Tuition Bill

Tuition is charged per semester, half in the fall and half in the spring. The University sends bills in early/mid July and early December. The bill must be paid in full in early August for the fall semester and early January for the spring semester. You may view a copy of it on-line at "My E-Bill Suite" at You will need your Fordham username and password to log on to Remember, you are responsible for monitoring your billing account and paying any outstanding balance by the due date. One-half of all institutional aid (merit scholarships, need-based grants and need-based scholarships) and certified educational loans (Federal/private) will be listed as “credits” on your bill at the beginning of each semester. These credits are applied against your total charges for the semester (tuition, fees and housing), resulting in either an amount due or a credit balance.


Should the credits on your account exceed your billed expenses, you will be entitled to a refund to be used for your living expenses, the University’s Student Accounts Office issues refunds at the beginning of each semester in the form of a check mailed to the first address listed on in the following order:

  • Refund
  • University Housing
  • Local
  • Permanent

Or, students may have their refunds deposited directly into their checking or savings account by enrolling in the University’s Direct Deposit  Program. It is the quickest, most convenient way of receiving a refund, and we strongly encourage you to enroll in Direct Deposit. Log in to - Log in to the Portal - My Pages - select Student - under Student Service, choose My Account - click on Student Accounts - then Student Accounts again - choose Direct Deposit Information. There you can submit your bank information.  If you do not wish to use Direct Deposit, please make sure you have a valid Refund address on file. You can add or change this address yourself at will ensure that your check is mailed to your current address and save future hassles.

Because refunds are issued on a rolling basis beginning the first week of each semester, students should plan to arrive at the Law School with sufficient funds to cover the purchase of books and living expenses through the first month of attendance. 


Questions concerning your tuition bill should be directed to the Student Accounts Office:

Fordham University Enrollment Services
Student Accounts Office
E-mail: [email protected]
Telephone: 718-817-4900