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Helpful Tips


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The recommended browsers for 25Live are Mozilla Firefox or Google Chrome. Internet Explorer is not supported by 25Live, so you may encounter performance issues with IE. 

Clear your browser cookies and cache every other Wednesday. 25Live performance improvements are performed every other Tuesday at 8:00 pm. Clearing your browser will ensure you get the latest enhancements

25Live Web Buttons

Never choose I Don't Know. After clicking Finish, as your event request is being saved, you will be brought to a heading page. It is necessary to select University Events under the campus where your event is being held. Please do not keep your selection as “I Don’t Know” – you must select a valid option or your event will not be seen and you will need to resubmit it.

Use the Copy and Establish Relationship buttons to group similar requests together. If you have the same or a similar event that meets over multiple dates, with different time frames, they will need to be entered as separate events. Create the first event and save. Click on the COPY icon in the More Event Options box. Edit the Event Title, Event Date/Time, Location Request, and Save. Click on the RELATE button that refers to your prior event requests.

Events by Fiscal Year

Event requests should be broken up by fiscal year. Behind the scenes in 25Live, each event gets filed away into a folder and cabinet which are set up by fiscal year (July 1, 20xx to June 30, 20xx). Therefore, events should be broken down by fiscal year as well. When you are doing an event with multiple meeting dates that span June into July/August, break up the event into 2 separate requests. The first event request should be for all dates up to and including June 30th. The next event request should be for all dates as of July 1st and after.

Multiple Event Dates

Use the Events Repeats option if you have a request for multiple dates, with the same start/end time frame. Event Start and Event End should both indicate the very first date of your event, along with the start and end time. From the Event Repeats drop down, choose an option. If you choose Repeats Ad Hoc, just click on all of the dates of your event. 

Classrooms for Academic Courses

Classrooms for Academic Courses should NOT be submitted through 25Live. While instructors will find 25Live to be helpful in identifying the features and availability of classrooms, the request for a classroom cannot be submitted through 25Live. All requests for academic courses should be submitted through previously set procedures by the department or school. All room assignments are processed in Banner, which then feeds to 25Live through an interface. Instructors can use 25Live to request a make-up session, or special lecture outside of the normal meeting time for the course.

Denied Events 

"Why was my event denied when the classroom requested appears to be available?"

Academic courses may not appear in 25Live until a few weeks before the semester begins, and even then there may be multiple room changes that will have to be made to accommodate all course needs. The Office of Academic Records and the Law School Registrar may not be able to confirm an event until all academic course room assignments are finalized.

Planning Your Distance Future Event

25Live will only allow users to submit requests up to 2 years in the future. If you request an event beyond that time frame, your request may be Denied or you will be told it will remain in a Pending state until it can be processed.

Canceling or Editing Your Event

Requestors will not be able to edit an event after it is saved. If you would like to cancel or make changes to an event after it is saved, you can respond to the confirmation email to make the appropriate changes.

Space can only be used for the purpose in which it was originally requested and approved for use. Requestors cannot change the type of event for which the space was requested. Requestors cannot give away an approved allocated time in a room to another group. Any changes to an event type or room use needs to be sent to the person who sends the confirmation email.

Processing Your Requests

"How can I tell if my request has been processed?"

All Schedulers will send an email for each request to notify the requestor if it was approved or denied. You can also check your Tasks Tab, and click on one of the ‘Assigned By You:’ options.

Required Sponsors

"Why am I being asked for the name of a sponsoring Vice President?"

A Vice President, Dean, or Director’s signature is required for use of some spaces, such as:

Lincoln Center – 12th Floor Lounge, Plaza View Room, President’s Dining Room, Pope Auditorium

Rose Hill – Walsh Library O’Hare Special Collections Room, Walsh Library Outdoor Terrace


Please indicate the name of the Sponsoring VP, Dean, Director, etc… in the Additional Event Information area so the scheduler can follow up with necessary paperwork.

Pending Event Conflict and Blackout Conflict

"My Event Request won’t save because of a ‘Pending Event Conflict’ or because of a ‘Blackout Conflict’."


Pending Event Conflict – Another Event Request is already in progress asking for the same room at the same time. However, it can also be caused by an Event Request that was started and not saved or cancelled. If you encounter this message, please email A 25Live Administrator can remove the Pending reservation.

Blackout Conflict - A location Blackout Conflict is different than a Pending Event Conflict. A select few schedulers have the authority to put a blackout on a space if they are holding it for a special event. For example, there might be a Blackout to hold a lecture hall for New Student Orientation or a Board of Trustee meeting. Once the exact times of each meeting and session is confirmed, the Blackout comes off and the actual reservation is then processed. A Blackout could be a real conflict to any new event being submitted.