25Live Policies

For Staff

The following is the policy on the availability and use of non-residential space for the University.

In order to ensure the best availability and utilization of University space, the following guidelines will be effective as of January 1, 2014

    1. All spaces will be placed in the 25Live database and will be scheduled for use only through that database

    1. The 25Live database will be maintained in an entirely transparent fashion with viewing access provided to any authorized reservationist. Graduate students also will have access to view available spaces and request a reservation online. Undergraduates will make those requests via the authorized reservationist. All requests from whatever source must be approved by the authorized reservationist for that space.

    1. The authorized reservationists will be supervised by a control group of major reservationists coordinated thru the Office of Enrollment Services.

    1. Reservationists will control the scheduling of certain special spaces (e.g. Dean's conference rooms) but will be expected to make the space available when there is no reasonable option.

    1. All classroom spaces and laboratories will be assigned by the University Registrar, in consultation with school designated schedulers as needed, based on need and optimal utilization for any school or program.

  1. All public, non-classroom spaces will be reserved according to the following priorities:
    • First, major University wide events including development, recruitment and orientation activities
    • Next, major academic or student events
    • Next, conferences, which are co-sponsored by an academic or administrative unit with preference given to revenue producing events
    • Next, revenue producing conferences by appropriate organizations that are not affiliated with Fordham.

Rose Hill and Westchester Campuses

The Office of the Senior Vice President for Student Affairs will coordinate space utilization for external events campus-wide. The Office of Academic Records will coordinate space utilization for classrooms and labs. The Office of the VP for Facilities Management will coordinate space utilization for external events.

Conference Services will coordinate the regular reservations process for the summer months, with the Office of Academic Records and the Rose Hill and Westchester Reservationists.

Lincoln Center Campus

The Office of the Vice President will coordinate space utilization campus-wide and control utilization for the 12th floor of Lowenstein.

Conference Services will supersede the regular reservations process for the summer months.

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