25Live Use of Space Policies

For Staff

Which space should I use for my event?

You should choose a space whose capacity and function are appropriate for your event. Do not choose a space that is too big only because it is available. Be aware that Fordham University is a private religious institution and reserves the right to grant use of its facilities based on determination made by institutional leaders.

Are there any general guidelines for conduct and use of space?

Yes. The general guidelines are as follows:

  • Use of space is limited to the start and end time as confirmed by the reservation coordinator
  • Space may be used only if a confirmation has been received from the reservation coordinator
  • Food cannot be served in academic classrooms
  • Furniture may not be removed from any space
  • Furniture may not be reconfigured - only Custodial Services has the authority to manage the furniture setup
  • It is not allowed to attach any materials to the walls of any space
  • Event materials must be removed from the space or put in the trash bins at the end of the event
  • Noise must be kept at acceptable level, inside the reserved space and in all common spaces such as hallways
  • Pets are not allowed in University spaces with the exception of service animals
  • Open flame is not allowed in any space
  • Space should be left in the condition/configuration that was received

Are there any charges for use of space for University constituents (staff, faculty)?

In general, university constituents do not pay rental fees unless the event involves an outside group. Such events could incur co-sponsorship fees. Other possible fees for use of University space could include: dedicated audio/media services, security guard fees, alcohol fees, fees related to Aramark services, overtime custodial services.

Can I reserve a residence hall lounge or other spaces in the residence halls on 25Live?

Not at this time. For questions about the residence halls spaces, please contact the Office of Residential Life.

In what cases would my event require security?

In general, an event would require security guards if the public is invited, if alcohol is served, or if the event includes over 100 attendees. The reservation coordinator would let you know if you need to follow up with the Department of Public Safety.

What should I do if I need extra setup and take-down time?

You should provide the reservation coordinator the actual start time of the event and also include the time you would like to enter the space for set up. You can enter the setup and take-down event times within the 25Live Event Request form.

Who should I notify if there is damage to the room or equipment?

You should immediately report all damages to the event reservation coordinator.

I see that a room is not being used - may I enter and use the room?

No, that is not permitted. All requests for space must be submitted through 25Live and approved for use through a confirmation email.

What should I do if the space for my event is locked?

You must contact the Department of Public Safety at your campus. It is best to have a copy of your event confirmation at hand when contacting the Department of Public Safety.

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