Current Graduate Students

Congratulations to our graduate students who won prestigious awards and fellowships this year!

Violetta Barbashina

MA Program, Medieval Studies
MD First Leningrad Medical Institute
Research interests: Medicine in the Middle Ages, Byzantium, Renaissance Art and Thought.

Katherine Briant


MA Program, Medieval Studies
BA English, University of Rochester
Research interests: Embodiment, medieval English literature, manuscript studies.
Awards: Fall 2015 Professional Development Grant; 2015-2016 Bennett Assistantship; 2016 Junior Mellon Fellowship from the NYBG Humanities Institute; 2015 First Year Graduate Essay Prize in Medieval Studies

Nicholas Courtney, SJ

Nick Courtney

MA Program, Medieval Studies
BA in Philosophy and Medieval Studies, Loyola University New Orleans
HBA/MA in Philosophy, St. John's College, University of Cambridge
Research interests: Late medieval spirituality and mysticism; religious life; ecclesiastical authority; the intersections of intellectual and religious culture.

Kasey Fausak

Kasey Fausak

MA Program, Medieval Studies
BA Medieval Studies, Fordham University
Research interests: Medieval Irish Law

Hannah Graham

Hannah Graham

MA Program, Medieval Studies
BA History and History of Art, University of Michigan
Research interests: High and late medieval French court culture, manuscripts and manuscript production, art and architecture, and French crusader culture.

Amy Hammersmith

MA Program, Medieval Studies
JD University of Pennsylvania
BA Temple University
Research interests: Evolving Christian conceptions of the body, mysticism, roots of the Protestant Reformation.

Sarah Kam-Gordon


MA Program, Medieval Studies
MA History, California State University, Northridge
BA Political Science, Asuza Pacific University
Research interests: Late medieval English political history and a literary culture, Arthurian lit, manuscripts, Gothic art and architecture, medievalism
Awards: received a GSAS Fellowship for summer 2016 to study at the National Archives in London; received a Presidential Scholarship for academic year 2015-2016.

Meghan Kase

Meghan Kase


MA Program, Medieval Studies
BA Classics, Temple University
Research interests: Early Middle Ages, East-West relations, transmission of Greek texts in the West, formation of the "Other" in the Western Religious Imaginary, the Genealogy of Religious Violence, Critical Theory
Awards: received a 2016 Reginald Foster Scholarship from the Paideia Institute and a 2016 GSA Professional Development Grant to attend Paideia's Living Latin in Paris Program.

Galina Krasskova


MA Program, Medieval Studies
MA Religious Studies, New York University
BA Cultural Studies with a concentration in Religious Studies, Empire State College
Research interests: Latin language, affective piety and female mysticism, saint cults, relics, ossuaries, bone chapels, Mechthild of Magdeburg.
Awards: Received Senior Teaching Fellowship 2015-2016, Jesuit Pedagogy Seminar 2016, Presidential Scholarship 2012-2014

Elyse Chantal Levesque

MA Program, Medieval Studies
BA Skidmore College
Research interests: Middle English and Anglo-Norman romance.

David Levine

MA Program, Medieval Studies
BA History and Medieval Studies, Binghampton University
Research interests: Medieval England resource management, art history.
Awards: received a Humanities, Arts, Science, and Technology Alliance and Collaboratory (HASTAC) Scholarship for AY 2014-2015.

Robert Nayden

PhD Program, Classics (MVST Doctoral Certificate)
BA Classics and Philosophy
Research interests: Late antiquity, classical reception

Christie Olek

C. Olek

MA Program, Medieval Studies
BA History, Saint Francis University (PA)
Research interests: Social history of medicine, the healer-patient relationship, medieval hospitals, religious pluralism in Medieval Spain, women & gender

Andrew O'Sullivan

Andrew O'Sullivan

MA Program, Medieval Studies
BA German Language and Literature, Fordham University
Research interests: History of the English language, Anglo-Saxon literature, literacy and reading practices, Renaissance antiquarianism.
Awards: received a Presidential Scholarship for academic year 2015-2016.

David Pedersen


PhD Program, English (MVST Doctoral Certificate)
BA University of Nebraska, Lincoln
MS CUNY, Lehman College
MA University of York
Research interests: Anglo-Saxon literature.

Stephen Powell

S. Powell

MA Program, Medieval Studies
BA History, University of Missouri - Kansas City
Research interests: Lordship and the Anglo-Norman frontier in the 12th and 13th centuries.

Jake Prescott

Jake Prescott

MA Program, Medieval Studies
BA Historical Studies with a concentration in Medieval Studies, Bard College
Research interests: Courtliness and Lordship within France and England, Romance literature, and the Crusades.

Stephen Scruby

MA Program, Medieval Studies
BA University of Florida
Research interests: Crusades, Byzantium, Late Antiquity, barbarian migrations, ethnography, Middle Greek paleography, twelfth-century crusade liturgies.

David Smigen-Rothkopf


MA Program, Medieval Studies
Post-Baccalaureate: Classical Studies, University of Pennsylvania
BA History and Classical Studies, Boston University
Research interests: Old English literature, Old Norse literature, manuscript studies, Latin literature, culinary history.
Awards: received the Gladys Krieble Delmas Junior Fellowship from the Humanities Institute at the LuEsther T. Mertz Library, New York Botanical Gardens; received a Presidential Scholarship for academic year 2014-2015.

Christina Stith

MA Program, Medieval Studies
BA Ohio Wesleyan University
Research interests: English medieval history, medieval nuns.

Andrew Thornebrooke

Andrew Thornebrooke

MA Program, Medieval Studies
BA History, Portland State University Urban Honors College
Research interests: Occitania, political culture, semiotics, the social circle of Peter the Chanter, transdisciplinarity.
Awards: Received a Bennett Assistantship and Centennial Scholarship for the 2016-2017 academic year

Kevin Vogelaar


MA Program, Medieval Studies
BA History, SUNY New Paltz
Research interests: Interfaith intellectual exchange and social interaction in medieval al-Andalus.

Rebecca Weiss-Horowitz

MA Program, Medieval Studies
BA English and Creative Writing, Brandeis University
Research interests: Arthurian literature and legend, history of the English language, scribal activity, history of Romance, Latin language and literature.

Michael Weldon

MA Program, Medieval Studies
BFA 3D Concentration: Glass, Massachusetts College of Art
Research interests: Medieval art history.
Chairman of Fine Arts, Fordham Preparatory School

Former Visiting Students

Katrine Funding Højgaard
MA Program, Medieval Studies
BA History, Aalborg University (Denmark)
Research Interests: High Middle Ages, Central Europe and British Isles, History of Mentalities, Cultural History, Manuscripts, Literature.

Read about Katrine's experience at the Center for Medieval Studies.

Affiliated Fordham Students

Felisa Baynes-Ross
PhD Program, English
MA English, Southern Connecticut State University
BA English, Albertus Magnus College
Research Interests: Literature and medieval texts, Chaucer

Lucy Barnhouse
PhD Program, History
MA History, Fordham University
BA Medieval Studies/German Language and Literature, Messiah College
Research Interests: medieval medicine in theory and practice, late medieval hospitals, medieval understandings of disease, gender and the religious life, religious identity, canon law.
Awards: GSAS Research Support Grant, Summer 2016
Dissertation Title: The Hospitals of Mainz in the Later Middle Ages: Legal Privileges and Social Functions
Mentor: Wolfgang Mueller

Alisa Beer
PhD Program, History
MA Medieval Studies, Fordham University
MLS University of Indiana, Bloomington
BA History, Yale University
Research Interests: Late medieval book trade, book culture, English libraries, pilgrimage

Kathryn Bresee
PhD Program, Philosophy
BA Eastern University
Research Interests: Natural law, contemporary Thomism

Matt Briel
PhD Program, Theology
MA Classical Philology, University of Minnesota
MTS Theology/History of Christianity, University of Notre Dame
BA Philosophy, University of Notre Dame
Research Interest: 14th-15th century Byzantine theology and philosophy
Dissertation Title: Greek Thomism: Providence in the Thought of Gennadios Scholarios
Mentor: George Demacopoulos

M. Christina Bruno
MA History, Fordham University
BA History, Skidmore College
Dissertation Title: Church Law and Society in Late Medieval Bologna: a Franciscan vademecum in Context
Mentor: Wolfgang Mueller

Steven Bruso
PhD Program, English
MA English, Clark University
BA English, Westfield State University
Research Interests: Middle English romance, Arthurian literature, Malory, chivalry, masculinity, violence, medievalism
Dissertation Title: The Knightly Male Body and Violence in Middle English Romance and Contemporary Fantasy
Mentor: Daniel Contreras

Robert Byers
PhD Program, English
MA English, University of Alaska, Fairbanks
BA English, University of Alaska, Fairbanks
Research Interests: Old English Literature, Middle English literature, Icelandic sagas, animal studies, posthumanism.

Emily Cain

Leslie Carpenter

Christian Daru

Jeff Doolittle
PhD Program, History
MA Medieval British Studies, Cardiff University
BA History and Political Science, Ramapo College of New Jersey
Research Interests: Early medieval medical texts, monasticism in southern Italy, Beneventan script
Dissertation Mentor: Richard Gyug

Robert Duffy

Louisa Foroughi

Angela Furry

Rachael Hilliard

Mahlika Hopwood

Richard Hresko

Tobias Hrynick
PhD Program, History
MA Medieval Studies, Fordham University
BA History, University of Maine
Research Interests: Medieval environmental history, particularly wetland management.

Jennifer Jamer

Boyda Johnstone

Ian Jones

Elizabeth Keohane-Burbridge

David Kovacs
PhD Program, Philosophy
BA Philosophy, University of Akron
MA Philosophy, Gonzaga University
Research Interests: Aquinas, Cajetan, Philosophy of Religion.

Elizabeth Kuhl

Esther Liberman-Cuenca

Elizabeth Light

Michael Lipari
MA Program, History
BS Adolescent Education and Social Studies, St. John's University
Research Interests: Early medieval history, political and cultural history, Late Antiquity.

Brock Mason
PhD Program, Philosophy
BA Brigham Young University
Research Interests: Philosophy of religion, metaphysics, theology, philosophy of law

Nathan Melson
MA History, Fordham University
BA Harding University
Dissertation Title: Franciscan Identity and Saintly Economy in Late Medieval Marseille, 1248-1483
Mentor: Richard Gyug

Lindsey Mercer
PhD Program, Theology
MTS Harvard Divinity School
BA University of Georgia
Dissertation Title: Of Monks and Monsters: 'Voluntary Eunichs' and the Project of Male Celibacy in the Fifth Century
Mentor: Benjamin Dunning

Alex Miller
PhD Program, Theology
MA Catholic University of America
MA University of Notre Dame
AB Georgetown
Research Interests: Theological anthropology, theological epistemology, doctrinal disputes and councils

Anna Moscatiello
PhD Program, History
MA Fordham University
BA Fordham University
Research Interests: Late medieval England, social and economic history, London

Sarah O'Brien
PhD Program, English
MA Medieval Studies, Fordham University
BA Catholic University of America
French of England

Rachel Podd
PhD Program, History
MA Medieval History, University of York
BA History, Trinity University
Research Interests: Medieval England, the Iberian Peninsula, gender, health and disease, social history.

Ashley Purpura
PhD Program, Theology
MTS Harvard Divinity School
BA Florida State University
Dissertation Title: Flexible Fixity: Theorizing, Realizing and Negotiating Byzantine Ideals of Ecclesiastical Hierarchy
Mentor: George Demacopoulos

Christopher Rose
PhD Program, History
MA Medieval Studies, Fordham University
BA University of Albany
Research Interests: Nobility, historiography, the Latin East

Joseph Rudolph
PhD Program, English
MA Medieval Studies, Fordham University
BA Literature, Thomas More College
Research Interests: Medieval Latin, reception of classical texts, twelfth-century literary culture, medievalism, English poetry.

Samantha Sabalis
PhD Program, English
MPhil Trinity College Dublin
MA University of St. Andrews
Dissertation Title: Pastoral Education in England and its Impact on Fifteenth Century Literary Culture
Mentor: Mary Erler

Samantha Sagui
PhD Program, History
MA History, Fordham University
BA History, Brandeis University
Research Interests: 14th century England, urban history, crime and policing.
Dissertation Title: Law, Order, and the Development of Urban Policing Functions in Later Medieval England
Mentor: Maryanne Kowaleski

Machessa Samz
PhD Program, Philosophy
MA Philosophy, Fordham University
BA Philosophy, Marquette University
Research Interests: medieval philosophy, metaphysics, philosophy of language

Nicole Scotto
MA Program, History
BA History, Fordham University

Doug Shephardson
PhD Program, Philosophy
Research Interests: Ancient and medieval philosophy, patristics, late antiquity, and the philosophy of religion

Zachary B. Smith
PhD Program, Theology
MPhil Theology, Fordham University
MTS Emory University
BA Freed-Hardeman University
Dissertation Title: Asserting Authority: Power Structures and Self-Care in the Apophthegmata Patrum
Mentor: Joseph Lienhard

Danielle Sottosanti
PhD Program, English
MA University of Edinburgh
BA University of Arizona
Research Interests: Middle English Saint's lives, medieval breviaries, Latin translation, women and religion

Jeffrey Sullebarger
PhD Program, History
MA Medieval Studies, Fordham University
BA University of South Florida
Research Interests: High Medieval intellectual history, German empire, military orders

Margaret Summerfield
MA Program, English
BA Bryn Mawr College
Research Interests: Early modern literature and society, female prophets, religious dissenters

Christopher Sweeney
PhD Program, Theology
MFA Brown University
BA San Francisco State University
Research Interests: Late antique Syria, asceticism, medicine and magic, epigraphy

Zita Veronika Toth
PhD Program, Philosophy
MPhil Philosophy, Fordham University
MA Medieval Studies, Central European University
MSc, Mathematics, ELTE University (Budapest)
Research Interests: Medieval philosophy of religion, metaphysics.
Dissertation Title: Medieval Problems of Secondary Causation
Mentor: Giorgio Pini

Gregory Tucker
PhD Program, Theology
MA Theology, St Vladimir's Orthodox Theological Seminary, New York
MSt Theology, Oxford
BA Theology, Oxford
Research Interests: Patristic and Medieval Theology, Biblical exegesis, Liturgy.

Tatum Tullis
MA Program, History
BA History, Ohio State University
Research Interests: Political and social history of high and late medieval England

Christopher Upham
PhD Program, Philosophy
MA Fordham
MA Ben-Gurion University of the Negev
BA Wheaton College
Research Interests: metaethics, theories of moral responsibility, philosophy of mind, medieval semantics and logic

Kristin Uscinski
PhD Program, History
MA Medieval Studies, Fordham University
BS Industrial and Labor Relations, Cornell University
Research Interests: Medical history, medical and culinary recipes, medieval England, Jewish studies, women's studies.
Dissertation Title: Recipes for Women's Healthcare in Medieval England
Mentor: Maryanne Kowaleski

Christopher Zacher
MA Program, History
BA Seton Hall
Research Interests: Impairment and disability during the Middle Ages, economy, notions of labor