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Current Graduate Students

Congratulations to our award-winning graduate students!

Grace Campagna

M.A. Program, Medieval Studies
B.A. Fordham University 

Research interests: History of Medieval England, women and gender

Liz Duchovni

Elizabeth Duchovni

M.A. Program, Medieval Studies

Research interests: Medieval English navigation, Literature and Culture of Medieval Iceland

Frances Eshleman

M.A. Program, Medieval Studies
B.A. Wheaton College

Research interests: Canon Law, Inquisition, women and gender

Mikayla Fenley

M.A. Program, Medieval Studies
B.A. Colorado Christian University
A.A. Front Range Community College

Research interests: Medieval Theology, Mysticism

Pete Hauser

M.A. Program, Medieval Studies
J.D. Fordham University School of Law
M.B.A. Stern School of Business, NYU
B.A. Brown University

Research interests: The British Isles from the Neolithic to 1066 with an emphasis on Celtic Studies; History; Law; Economics; Literature; Mythology; Early Christianity

Mark Host

M.A. Program, Medieval Studies
M.A. Cleveland State University
B.A. Cleveland State University

Research interests: Literature (Old English, Middle English, Arthurian), relic cults, Byzantine east, military religious orders


Michael Innocenti

M.A. Program, Medieval Studies
B.A., Fordham University

Research interests: Medieval theology, Medieval philosophy, Monastic theology, Thomas Aquinas

Camila Marcone

M.A. Program, Medieval Studies
M.A. University of Salamanca
B.A. Columbia University

Research interests: Environmental History, Medieval Iberia, effects of Christianity on consumption and local biodiversity

Matthew Maresca

M.A. Program, Medieval Studies
B.A. George Washington University

Research interests: Social history in Late Antiquity and the Early Middle Ages, early Christianity

Katy McCombs

M.A. Program, Medieval Studies
B.A. College of Wooster

Research interests: Russian Orthodox iconography and the iconostasis, ascetic theology, hesychasm

Trevor Nau

M.A. Program, Medieval Studies
B.A. University of Oregon

Research interests: Medieval feud culture, Old English literature

Alex Pisano

M.A. Program, Medieval Studies
B.A. College of the Holy Cross

Research interests: medieval theology, medieval philosophy, medieval literature

Alexandra Ponti

M.A. Program, Medieval Studies
B.A. Millersville University

Research interests: Cultural and urban history of late medieval England, London cooks from the thirteenth through the sixteenth centuries

Brittany Smyth

M.A. Program, Medieval Studies
B.A. Fordham University

Research interests: Western European history and religion in England, France, and Germany

Christian Stempert

M.A. Program, Medieval Studies
M.L.I.S. Indiana University
B.A. Rutgers University
B.A. The King's College

Research interests: Religious and lay asceticism, history and theology of sexuality and gender in the Middle Ages, medieval schools, universities, and libraries

Former Visiting Students

Katrine Funding Højgaard
MA Program, Medieval Studies
BA History, Aalborg University (Denmark)
Research Interests: High Middle Ages, Central Europe, and British Isles, History of Mentalities, Cultural History, Manuscripts, Literature.

Affiliated Fordham Students

Alisa Beer
PhD Program, History
MA Medieval Studies, Fordham University
MLS, Rare Books and Manuscripts Specialization, Indiana
BA History, Yale University
Dissertation Title: "Managing Monastic Libraries in Medieval England" 
Mentor: Dr. Maryanne Kowaleski

Benjamin Bertrand
PhD Program, History
MA History, Boston College
BA History, University of New Hampshire, Durham
Research Interests: intersections of violence and society in Medieval Europe, with a special emphasis upon the ways that violence served to construct identity in different communities.

Ronald Braasch
PhD Program, History
MA Military History, Norwich University, VT
BS Military History, United States Military Academy
Research Interests: Medieval History, Military History, The Hundred Years’ War, The Crusades.

Kathryn Bresee
PhD Program, Philosophy
BA Eastern University
Research Interests: Natural law, contemporary Thomism

Robert Byers
PhD Program, English
MA English, University of Alaska, Fairbanks
BA English, University of Alaska, Fairbanks
Research Interests: Old English Literature, Middle English literature, Icelandic sagas, animal studies, posthumanism.

Carolyn Cargile
PhD Program, English
MA, The University of York
BA, Wake Forest University
Research Interests: Twelfth-century English and Norman historiography.

Patrick DeBrosse
PhD Program, History
MA Medieval History, University of East Anglia
BA History, Temple University
Research Interests: High Medieval Europe, especially its noble culture, the crusading movement (the Third Crusade, in particular), the construction of narrative history, and the Angevins domains.

Jeff Doolittle
PhD Program, History
MA Medieval British Studies, Cardiff University
BA History and Political Science, Ramapo College of New Jersey
Dissertation: “Early Medieval Medical Culture at Montecassino”
Dissertation Mentor: Richard Gyug

Christopher Emrich
PhD Program, Philosophy
BA Liberal Arts, Thomas Aquinas College
Research Interests: the Thought of Thomas Aquinas and his interpretation of the works of Aristotle

Emma Emrich
PhD Program, Philosophy
BA Philosophy and Theology, Thomas Aquinas College
Research Interests: Thomas Aquinas' "Science of Theology"

Kasey Fausak
PhD Program, History
MA Medieval Studies, Fordham University
BA Medieval Studies, Fordham University
Research Interests: Early Irish Law

Matthew Glaser
PhD Program, Philosophy

Sally Gordon
MA Program, History

Douglass Hamilton
PhD Program, History
MA, University of Toronto
BA, Skidmore College

Heather Hill
PhD Program, History
MA Medieval Studies, Fordham University
MS Pratt Institute
BA West Virginia University
Research Interests: Digital Humanities, maps, gender, book history

Tobias Hrynick
PhD Program, History
MA Medieval Studies, Fordham University
BA History, University of Maine
Research Interests: Medieval environmental history, particularly wetland management.

Elissa Johnston
PhD Program, English
BA English Literature, Wheaton College
Research Interests: female devotional writers of late medieval England, Mariology, gender and devotional practice

Galina Krasskova
PhD Program, Theology
MA Medieval Studies, Fordham University
MA Religious Studies, New York University
Research Interests: Eunuchs, material culture, theological anthropology, suffering and the body, ascetism, Latin

Wing Lai
PhD Program, English
MA, University of Oxford
BA, University of Sheffield
Research Interests: Middle English Romance, Chaucer, the Gowain Poet

Patrick Landers
PhD Program, Theology
MAR, Yale University
MPPM, Yale University
BA, Williams College
Research Interests: Medieval and Patristic Theology

Sean Loritz
PhD Program, History
MA History, Fordham University
BA, Sarah Lawrence College
Research Interests: Gender and sexuality in late medieval France and the Mediterranean, crime, punishment, and public justice, urban history, marriage and family, sex trade, masculinity, queer studies, intersectionality

Nathan Melson
PhD Program, History
MA History, Fordham University
BA Harding University
Dissertation Title: Franciscan Identity and Saintly Economy in Late Medieval Marseille, 1248-1483
Mentor: Richard Gyug

Alex Miller
PhD Program, Theology
MA Catholic University of America
MA University of Notre Dame
AB Georgetown
Research Interests: Theological anthropology, theological epistemology, doctrinal disputes and councils

Sarah O'Brien
PhD Program, English
MA Medieval Studies, Fordham University
BA Catholic University of America
French of England

Christie Olek
PhD Program, History
MA Medieval Studies, Fordham University
BA History, Saint Francis University
Research Interests: Social history of medicine, the healer-patient relationship, medieval hospitals, women and gender.

Rachel Podd
PhD Program, History
MA Medieval History, University of York
BA History, Trinity University
Dissertation: "Health in Late Medieval England: The Impact of Age, Sex, and Income on the Lived Experience”
Mentor: Dr. Maryanne Kowaleski

Amanda Racine
PhD Program, History
MA, University of Colorado-Boulder
BA, University of Idaho
Research Interests: Crusades, the Latin East, the Eastern Mediterranean, Slavery, Service, France

Jason Ray
PhD Program, English
MA, Columbia University 
BA, Yale University

Natalie Reynoso    
Theology Program

Christopher Rose
PhD Program, History
MA Medieval Studies, Fordham University
BA University of Albany
Dissertation: "The Nobility of Outremer: Identity and Power among the Ibelins and their Affinity, 1174-1374"
Mentor: Dr Nicholas Paul

Joseph Rudolph
PhD Program, English
MA Medieval Studies, Fordham University
BA Literature, Thomas More College
Research Interests: Medieval Latin, reception of classical texts, twelfth-century literary culture, medievalism, English poetry.

Samantha Sagui
PhD Program, History
MA History, Fordham University
BA History, Brandeis University
Dissertation Title: Law, Order, and the Development of Urban Policing Functions in Later Medieval England
Mentor: Maryanne Kowaleski

Michael Sanders
PhD Program, History
MA, Western Michigan University
BA, Saint Vincent College
Research Interests: Iberian political culture and crusades, Iter per Hispaniam/Connections between Iberia and the Holy Land

Peyton Seabolt
PhD Program, History
MA, Trent University
BA, Armstrong State University
Research Interests: Horses, Medieval Equestrian Culture

Doug Shephardson
PhD Program, Philosophy
Research Interests: Ancient and medieval philosophy, patristics, late antiquity, and the philosophy of religion

David Smigen-Rothkopf
PhD Program, English
MA Medieval Studies, Fordham University
Post-Bacc Certificate in Classics, Unversity of Pennsylvania
BA Classics, Boston University
Research Interests: Malory, Genealogy, Medieval Literature.

William Tanner Smoot
PhD Program, History
MA, Marshall University
BBA, Marshall University
Research Interests: Early and High Medieval England, Monasticism, Religious History and Culture, Historical Memory.

Sean Patrick Spillane
PhD Program, English

Margaret Summerfield
MA Program, English
BA Bryn Mawr College
Research Interests: Early modern literature and society, female prophets, religious dissenters

Christopher Sweeney
PhD Program, Theology
MFA Brown University
BA San Francisco State University
Research Interests: Late antique Syria, asceticism, medicine and magic, epigraphy

Caroline Timmings 
MA Program, Philosophy

Gregory Tucker
PhD Program, Theology
MA Theology, St Vladimir's Orthodox Theological Seminary, New York
MSt Theology, Oxford
BA Theology, Oxford
Research Interests: Patristic and Medieval Theology, Biblical exegesis, Liturgy.

Christopher Upham
PhD Program, Philosophy
MA Fordham
MA Ben-Gurion University of the Negev
BA Wheaton College
Research Interests: metaethics, theories of moral responsibility, philosophy of mind, medieval semantics and logic

Clarissa Wolatz
PhD Program, Philosophy
BA University of San Diego
Research Interests: the epistemology of religious belief, medieval philosophy and theology, and the phenomenology of religion