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Dear Colleagues:

Fordham Law's Leah Hill and Michael W. Martin

Leah Hill, Associate Dean for Experiential Education, and Michael W. Martin, Director of Clinical Programs

One of the greatest attributes of the clinical community is its ability to inspire programs like ours. Here are moments from our clinical year that will hopefully allow us to return some of that inspiration.

We practice in a supportive environment dedicated to ethics and professionalism. Thank you for your tireless support in the work that we do.

Have a lovely summer.


To our students:
Fordham Law clinics reward you with real lawyering experience. In whichever of our 17 clinics you choose, you play an important role in the resolution of real cases. You will gain a more complete understanding of and appreciation for the law while experiencing real people, real issues, and real outcomes.

Appellate Litigation

Advocate for clients in federal and state courts, in criminal and civil matters. Depose witnesses. Draft appellate briefs. Develop effective strategies to serve you throughout your legal career.

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Community Economic Development

Support local efforts to shape development. Provide desperately needed services and opportunities to childcare centers, health clinics, cooperatives, and other grassroots organizations. Empower local communities.

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Consumer Litigation

Advocate for low-income consumers. Represent them in federal, state, and local courts against lenders, debt collectors, and merchants.

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Corporate Social Responsibility

Promote sustainability and profitability at the same time. Help businesses maximize their social, environmental, and financial outcomes.

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Criminal Defense

Defend the vulnerable and underrepresented. Represent clients in Manhattan Criminal Court and argue before a judge for their immediate release.

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Entrepreneurial Law

Students will help in this clinic's formation, represent clients, participate in community outreach, and provide services to entrepreneurs via pop up clinics.

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Family Advocacy

Be an advocate for children. Help find appropriate educational services and programs from the NYC Department of Education for the city’s most vulnerable.

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Federal Litigation

Represent clients who have been accused of serious federal crimes and face the possibility of long prison terms. Depose witnesses, argue motions, and try cases.

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Federal Tax

Help underrepresented individuals with their legal disputes involving the IRS. Craft tax-efficient strategies for small business owners.

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Immigrant Rights

Provide direct legal representation in a range of immigration matters. Help indigent non-citizens avoid deportation or gain legal status from federal immigration authorities.

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International Human Rights

Become a social justice advocate. Defend the human rights of marginalized populations at home and abroad.

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International Law and Development in Africa

Gain a better understanding of the realities and challenges of development work in Africa. Partner with African law students to create sustainable projects designed to promote growth and alleviate poverty.

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Queens DA Prosecution

Help ensure justice is served. Work with police officers, interview victims and witnesses, determine charges, and representing the People of the State of New York.

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Legislative and Policy Advocacy

Advocate for important changes to New York State and City law to promote civil rights and protect the disenfranchised.

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Presidential Succession

Now is the time to take a scholarly but practical look at the adequacy of the Presidential Succession process... And take political action to improve it.

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Students work with disputing parties outside the courtroom and assist them in resolving their conflicts through problem-solving negotiation skills.

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Samuelson-Glushko Intellectual Property and Information Law

Students assist authors, artists, musicians, actors, playwrights, designers, inventors, entrepreneurs, small business owners and non-profit organizations in one of five categories: litigation, deals, risk counseling, Patent applications and Trademark registrations.

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Securities Litigation and Arbitration

Protect small investors. Advocate for people whose claims oftentimes represent their life savings.

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