Rule of Law

Advocate to strengthen democratic institutions

The Rule of Law Clinic develops and advocates for policy reforms to strengthen and improve democratic institutions at the state and federal level with particular focus on elections as well as presidential and gubernatorial succession. Students work on teams to write policy documents, coordinate with outside partners, interview experts, and meet with legislators and their staff.

Reports from the Rule of Law Clinic include:

The Rule of Law Clinic’s predecessor clinic, the Democracy Clinic, also produced reports with recommendations to improve democratic institutions. Those reports are available here.

Lawyers have a critical role in protecting democracy, and policy advocacy is one way they contribute. Even lawyers who do not work full-time in policy advocacy positions make important contributions in this area through their teaching, writings, public service, bar association activities, and other opportunities to make a difference. The Rule of Law Clinic provides an introduction to policy advocacy and democracy reform through hands-on, real world experience.

Prof. John D. Feerick served as dean of Fordham Law from 1982-2002 and has advocated for reforms to democratic institutions throughout his career, including by participating in framing the U.S. Constitution’s 25th Amendment.

Prof. John Rogan previously co-taught the Democracy Clinic and Presidential Succession Clinic.