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Choosing a Clinic

Why participate in a Clinic?

Because experience matters.  And Clinic experience is the real thing.  It will make you invaluable to any employer.

When you participate in a clinic -- any clinic -- you gain real practical experience. You draft memos. You conduct research. You appear in court. You negotiate with adversaries and with collaborators. You counsel clients. You represent clients. You own the experience that gives you an advantage when employers choose whom to hire.

How to choose a clinic from among the 17 we offer.

  • You know which area of the law you intend to practice in and wish to increase your depth of knowledge while developing the experience necessary to jump start your career.
  • You wish to explore a new area of interest. Whatever your choice of clinic, you will expand your in-depth knowledge of the practice of law and possess skills that apply to any area.

Whatever your choice, know that clinical professors and peers will support you in every way and give you the attention you deserve.

No matter which of the 17 clinics you choose, you will receive the best of what Fordham Law has to offer -- the individual and personalized expertise of our full-time professors who are also practicing supervising attorneys and specialists in their field. You will learn to work with each other, real clients, the courts, opposing attorneys, community organizations, and the legislature to solve real problems for individuals, and for our society.