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Transfer Credit Policies and Procedures

Transfer Credit Evaluation

Transfer applicants rightly wish to know which credits they have completed will be transferred to Fordham upon acceptance. This is an important factor in ultimately accepting an offer of admission and enrolling. The following section addresses Fordham's transfer credit policies and procedures and answers some frequently asked questions regarding the topic.

When do applicants find out what credits will transfer?
Transfer credits are evaluated after a student has been admitted but before she deposits and enrolls.

Who evaluates transfer credit?
Once an applicant has been admitted he or she is responsible for contacting the appropriate deans office (indicated in admission letter) to request an evaluation of credit. The dean's office for each of the three undergraduate colleges ultimately determines which courses will and will not transfer. Students who have previously completed coursework at international universities must have their transcripts or mark sheets evaluated by WES before contacting the dean.

What will and will not transfer

60 Credit hours is the maximum number of credits that will transfer. Students are required to complete at least two years of full time coursework at Fordham to receive a Fordham degree. Students who have over 60 credit hours should also look into Fordham School of Professional and Continuing Studies. Approved courses taken at an accredited 2 or 4 year college or university will likely transfer to Fordham as either core specific credit or elective credit if the courses meet the below criteria.

Will Transfer:

  • 3 credit hours or higher
  • Grade received is a C or higher. Pass/Fail grades will be accepted for students completing Spring 2020 and Summer 2020 coursework
  • Course description is similar to a course offered at Fordham (see the Academic Bulletin and Core Requirements online to compare)
  • Course is approved by the academic dean in charge of transfer credit at the Fordham
  • Online coursework will be accepted for students completing Spring 2020 and Summer 2020 coursework

Will Not Transfer:

  • Course was taken prior to high school graduation such as dual enrollment
  • Grade is lower than a C
  • Courses with fewer than 3 credits (certain science labs accepted)
  • Course is not approved by the academic dean in charge of transfer credit at Fordham

Will my GPA transfer or will I start with a new GPA at Fordham?
A student's GPA from Fordham will be based on the student's performance in Fordham courses, thus old GPAs will not transfer.


Advising on Course Selection

I am registering for classes at my current school. What classes will transfer to Fordham?
Students seeking advice on what courses to take at their current university or college should consult with the academic advisors at their current institution and use the Fordham Core Curriculum and Academic Bulletin as a guide. Fordham does not provide academic advising to students prior to admission and enrollment.

Liberal Arts and Sciences Applicants
Please note that the Fordham Core Curriculum has a robust language requirement that cannot be waived. Incoming students often have not completed required language courses when transferring into Fordham, and may struggle to complete once enrolled. Therefore, it is beneficial to complete these courses prior to transferring.

Business Students
Please review comprehensive information about preparing for your transfer application to the Gabelli School of Business here.