Core Curriculum

Future Proof

Two Students in Wood Paneled Lecture Hall

Today’s graduates must be prepared to hold 15 – 20 jobs over their lifetimes in as many as seven different fields.

How can any college prepare you for that?

By ensuring that you have a set of skills that no change in technology or business processes can make obsolete. By making sure that you can think on your feet, analyze and synthesize information, make logical decisions for the good of your company, institution, or community, articulate your point of view, and adapt to changing circumstances.

Fordham’s commitment to a strong foundation in the liberal arts and sciences through its core curriculum is an education without an expiration date. With courses in philosophy, theology, history, literature, foreign languages, math, and science, it’s an education that allows you to foster flexibility, curiosity, and well-roundedness.

These are qualities that employers are seeking, but they are also qualities that will make you a better person – better able to see issues from different perspectives, better able to understand global issues, better able to help where help is needed.

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