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Faculty Committee on Technology

Maximum of two consecutive three-year terms. 8 full-time faculty members. No more than 1 member of any school.

Dana Alonzo 914-367-3014 GSSS 2019-22 (Term I)
Antonois Balassis 718-817-4184 Fordham College at Rose Hill 2018-21 (Term I)
Eric Chen 212-636-6474 Graduate School of Education 2017-20 (Term I)
Robert Chiang 718-817-6134 Gabelli School of Business 2017-20 (Term II)
Martin Di Grandi 212-636-7141 Fordham College at Lincoln Center 2019-22 (Term I)
Martin Gelter 646-312-8752 Fordham School of Law 2019-22 (Term II)
Shannon McAlister 212-636-4800 Graduate School of Religion and Religious Education 2017-20 (Term I)
Lance Strate 718-817-4864 Graduate School of Arts and Sciences - COMM & ST 2018-21 (Term I)