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Continuing and Current Students (U.S. Citizens and Eligible Non-citizens)

Financial Aid Renewal Philosophy

All attempts are made to renew aid at the previous year’s level provided the criteria, as well as all other requirements specific to the award are met. See Eligibility below.

Continuing Undergraduate Application Process

ALL AWARDS are annual awards and require the filing of the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) for renewal including but not limited to the following:

  • Presidential, Merit and Deans Scholarships
  • Lafarge, Loyola, and Jogues Scholarships
  • Need-Based Grants, Tuition Grants, Room Grants, etc.
  • Metro Grants
  • Athletic Scholarships
  • Restricted Scholarships
  • Tuition Remission/Exchange
  • All Federal Aid
  • All State Aid

If you are requesting an increase in need-based university grant aid because your circumstances have changed significantly, you must also file the CSS Profile by April 6 as well as provide a statement detailing the change in circumstance and provide specific and appropriate documentation of the change. 

Review our Financial Aid Checklist to ensure you are meeting all deadlines and requirements. 

What to Expect: Next Steps

  • Students who have completed their applications (by April 6) and comply with all requested additional information in a timely manner will be notified via email of award decisions by June 15
  • All awards are subject to change upon verification of applicant data, change in educational plans, or notification of additional outside resources subsequent to the date of the award letter
  • If you expect to receive outside aid or scholarships, you must inform the Office of Student Financial Services by April 6 or as soon as you are notified
  • If you expect to receive tuition remission and/or employee reimbursement, you must inform the Office of Student Financial Services by April 6 or as soon as you are notified
  • Fordham performs Sibling Enrollment Verification for students who have a family member attending another university.
  • Accept, reduce or decline your awards online


Renewal of financial aid awards are subject to the following:
  • Timely filing of the financial aid applications by the published deadline
  • Availability of institutional funds at the time your application process becomes complete
  • Continuing to demonstrate need for need based aid and full time enrollment
  • Maintenance of Satisfactory Academic Progress and required GPA’s
  • Acceptance of the awards online within the time frame specified

Cost of Attendance

•    We have projected a full Cost of Attendance (COA) including an average of additional expenses a student might incur.