Faculty and Staff Children Exchange (FACHEX) Program

The FACHEX Program

FACHEX is an undergraduate tuition remission program for the children of faculty or administrators at participating Jesuit universities. The program permits children eligible for tuition remission at their home institution (parent’s employer) to receive the same benefits at another Jesuit school.

Students must be enrolled full-time as undergraduates, and be dependents of employees who are certified by Human Resources as eligible for 100% tuition remission. Please refer to the list of participating institutions.

FACHEX for Fordham Employees (Outgoing Students)

If you are applying for a FACHEX Scholarship for your eligible dependent student, you must complete the FACHEX EZ Application by November 1st. The Fordham employee must be full-time faculty or administrator. The Office of Human Resources will certify the student for FACHEX eligibility once you submit the application. 

The applicant must submit an Early Action or Regular Admission application as required by the FACHEX-participating university. This must be done in accordance with their FACHEX admission requirements and procedures. Eligibility to participate in the FACHEX Program does not qualify a student for admission, nor does admission qualify a student for FACHEX.

The receipt of a FACHEX tuition remission depends on the FACHEX openings available at a given university when the process is completed. Student selection is based on an academic criteria set by the participating school. There is no FACHEX waiting list maintained nationally, although a university might choose to maintain a waiting list of its own. Applicants can often be selected from the university’s own waiting list on or near the May 1 date. The FACHEX applicant will be notified of the outcome by the FACHEX representative of the university to which the student applied. Fordham University cannot forecast when openings will occur; however, participating universities aim to inform FACHEX applicants of their status by May 15.

FACHEX for Employees of Other Jesuit Universities (Incoming Students)

Faculty, administrators and staff should obtain their certification of eligibility for FACHEX from their home institution. The FACHEX Coordinator from your University will submit your application to the Tuition Exchange website for our review.

Your dependent student should apply to Fordham Admissions under the Early Action or Regular Decision Admission Plan. We strongly encourage you to complete the FAFSA and the CSS Profile. It is in your best interest to file these applications so that we may provide you with an estimated financial aid offer in the event you do not receive a FACHEX award.

Once admission decisions have been made, you will receive a university Acceptance Letter. Then you may receive a financial aid offer from the financial aid office if you have requested financial aid and completed all the necessary filing requirements.

In regards to the FACHEX award, in April we review the candidates that have been accepted. The receipt of a FACHEX award depends finally on the FACHEX openings available when the foregoing process is completed. Student selection is usually based on academic criteria set by Fordham.

If we have any openings and you are selected in mid-April we will notify you via email of our decision to offer you the FACHEX award. We will then issue you an official financial aid offer with the FACHEX scholarship.

We do maintain a waiting list and will notify you if you are selected for the Wait List. Please let us know at that time if you are still interested in attending Fordham. Our students often receive offers from the Wait List close to or on the May 1 date. A student needs to be deposited by May 1st to accept the award.

If you receive a FACHEX award, it will supersede any other financial aid offer. The total of all Financial Aid may not exceed tuition. The annual completion of a FAFSA is required to maintain the FACHEX award. This award is offered to students for eight semesters or less, for up to four years, in an undergraduate program or completion of their Bachelor's Degree whichever comes first.

The FACHEX scholarship benefits are tuition remission only, and students are expected to pay all fees, and room and board charges. The Fordham FACHEX award is portable to Fordham International Exchange Programs.