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Reporting Requirements for STEM

Your Responsibilities for Maintaining Status During STEM

1. Validation Reporting

2. Changes

You must notify OIS within 10 days of any these changes via the OIS Employment Change Alert Portal:

  • Edit current job's Employer Identification Number (EIN) [Section 3, page 2 in the I-983]
  • Edit name of current employer [Section 3, page 2 and Section 5, page 3 in the I-983]
  • Change current employer's address [Section 5, page 3 in the I-983]
  • Change current job title [Section 5, page 3 under 'Student Role' in the I-983]
  • Change your current employer end date [page 5 under 'Final Evaluation on Student Progress' in the I-983]
  • You are ending your current job and want to ADD a new employer
  • Change current employer's Supervisor's name, address, phone number [Section 5, page 3 in the I-983]

You will be prompted by the form to submit the documents necessary to successfully report the change you have. If we need any more information about your submission, OIS will contact you directly.

3. General Responsibilities

  • You will work a minimum of 20 hours/per week and it will be directly related to your course of study.
  • You will not participate in the following unauthorized employment: self-employment or unpaid employment.
  • Unemployment: For 24-month STEM OPT extension, you understand you may not accrue more than a total of 150 days of unemployment throughout your entire 36 months on OPT. Time spent outside the U.S., if not employed by a U.S. employer, is counted towards the 150 day period of unemployment.
  • It is your responsibility to abide by the regulations governing the F-1 OPT STEM extension and to maintain F-1 status. You understand that failure to abide by the requirements will terminate your F-1 status and thus your ability to work and otherwise remain in the US

Additional Information Regarding 24 Month Stem Extension

While you are in the U.S. on F-1 Post-Completion Optional Practical Training, you are still considered an F-1 student under U.S. immigration regulations. Contact the Office for International Services (OIS) with any questions you may have. You may continue to work while the OPT extension application is pending up until 180 days.

Acceptable Employment

OPT permits you to accept professional training and employment in your field of study. Your responsibilities must be related to your field of study. During the STEM extension, you can only work for an employer that is enrolled in E-Verify. You must have a job or job offer from an employer registered with E-verify employment verification system.

Travel While on Approved STEM OPT

Consult with OIS before you leave the U.S. and especially if your first EAD has expired and you haven't received the EAD for the STEM 24-month extension.

You should have the following with you when you travel outside the U.S.:

  • Your STEM extension OPT I-20 (with a travel signature from the OIS less than 6 months old at re-entry)
  • A passport valid for 6 months into the future
  • A valid F-1 visa (unless you are a Canadian citizen)
  • A valid EAD card for STEM
  • Employment letter (optional not required)