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Computer Science Degree

The curriculum in computer science is oriented towards science and technology. It emphasizes software design and programming, computer architecture and functions, and development of an ability to analyze problems and use the computer as a problem-solving tool.

Students graduating from the program will be prepared for careers in:

  • computer science
  • information technology
  • system design
  • telecommunications and computer applications, both in the public and private sectors.

The BS degree requires additional courses from within the major beyond those required for the BA degree. A minor in computer science is available and requires a total of six courses in the discipline.

The requirements for the BS-CS and BA-CS degrees are listed below, followed by the requirements for MINOR-CS. Please note that the degree requirements for the major degree vary depending on your year.

Common Major Requirements (11 courses):

  • CISC 1400 (3) - Discrete Structures I
  • CISC 1600 (3) - Computer Science I, CS 1610 (1) Computer Science I Lab
  • CISC 2000 (4) - Computer Science II, CS 2010 (1) Computer Science II Lab
  • CISC 2100 (4) - Discrete Structures II, CS 2110 (1) Discrete Structures II Lab
  • CISC 2200 (4) - Data Structures
  • CISC 3500 (4) - Data Base Systems
  • CISC 3593 (4) - Computer Organization
  • CISC 3595 (4) - Operating Systems
  • CISC 4080 (4) - Computer Algorithms
  • CISC 4090 (4) - Theory of Computation
  • CISC 4615 (4) - Data Communications and Networks

BA Major: Requires the 11 above courses plus two computer science electives (13 total courses).
BS Major: Requires the 11 above courses, 4631 (4) Data Mining, Calculus MATH 1206* and 3 computer science electives (16 total courses).

* For students entering in Fall 2017 and later.

Only one elective can be numbered 2000 or higher, the other electives must be numbered 3000 or higher, excluding CISC 3001, CISC 4001, CISC 4650, and CISC 4660.

Requirements for a Minor in Computer Science

Students wishing to minor in computer science take CISC 1100 or CISC 1400, CISC 1600/1610, CISC 2000/2010 and three elective courses offered by the department, selected in consultation with a departmental adviser. One elective must be numbered 2000 or higher and the other electives must be numbered 3000 or higher, excluding CISC 3001, CISC 4001, CISC 4650, and CISC 4660.

A grade of at least C- is required in all major and minor courses.