CIS Systems

This document is intended to introduce the new user to the Unix1computer systems belonging to the Department of Computer and Information Sciences at Fordham University. It describes the available hardware and software, and some commonly needed procedures. It does not attempt to provide an introduction to the Unix operating system. If you are unfamiliar with Unix, you should obtain an introductory text and spend some time with it to learn how to perform basic operations such as setting your password, creating subdirectories, copying files, etc.

Information about Unix is available on the World-Wide Web at the following URLs:

You can start a support ticket for any issues including account creation, software/hardware and more. For the time being there is no self-service option for password resets for Unix accounts, but you can use the Cryptpass form to send a message to our system administrator to approve a new password.

Questions about using this system can be sent to [email protected].

If you have questions, comments or suggestions about this microsite, send mail to rkudyba (at)

1. Strictly speaking, these computers are running Linux, an open-source Unix workalike. UnixTM is a registered trademark of the Open Group.