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COVID-19 Preparedness in London

Information for Fall 2021 

Last updated: August 20, 2021


COVID-19 vaccinations are key to maintaining the safest possible environment for our community.

  • Covid-19 vaccination is required of all students participating in Fordham’s London Program.
  • Students should be aware that exemptions granted by Fordham University may not be recognized in the United Kingdom and could result in denial of entry into public events and spaces, or limited participation in certain class or group activities.


  • All travelers must complete a Passenger Locator Form no more than 48 hours prior to arrival in the United Kingdom.
  • Students have been asked to arrive at Heathrow Airport on 25 August by 10.00am.  They will be met by Fordham London staff upon arrival and taken to their assigned housing, where they will receive their keys. 
  • Students are currently required to wear masks in the airport, as well as at program facilities or during program activities, except when in their own apartment.
  • Fully vaccinated persons entering the United Kingdom from Green or Amber List Countries do not need to quarantine on arrival. You must take a COVID-19 test no more than 72 hours prior to arrival and a COVID-19 (PCR) test on day two following your arrival. As of August 2nd, the United States is categorized as an “amber list country.” Information on the type of test you must take prior to departure can be found online at the UK government travel webpage.
  • Students not arriving directly from the United States should notify Fordham London staff to discuss possible quarantine and testing regulations for your arrival. A list of red, amber, and green list countries can be found online.


Fordham will house students in apartment-style accommodation with shared bedrooms and bathrooms.

  • Communal spaces will be cleaned weekly.
  • Fordham will enforce a no-guest or visitor policy for Fall 2021. Students on the program will be allowed to visit the other Fordham London residences.
  • There will be no more than two students per bedroom.

Classes, Classrooms, and Offices

Classes will be taught in person for Fall 2021

  • All classrooms, offices, and the library will have appropriate spacing between desks, following public health guidelines.
  • Guest lectures will be delivered remotely whenever possible.
  • Masks are required at all times when in the building, and during class.
  • Students will be encouraged to leave Fordham London when their classes are over.
  • Class sizes will be capped to allow for appropriate distancing.


  • Students will be expected to load the NHS Test and Trace app to their phone.
  • Students, staff, and faculty will be tested at least once weekly by antigen testing, according to local public health guidance, and their results will be shared with Fordham London. Students will be provided with self-testing kits on arrival. Additional tests are available free via pharmacies/NHS/UK.GOV.
  • Faculty and staff will be strongly encouraged to test more frequently, as strongly advised by the UK Government.
  • Students who test positive will enter isolation and follow Fordham London’s Covid Health Protocol.
  • A positive test result will be confirmed by a PCR test and reported to NHS authorities, who will contact the student with instructions and for contact tracing purposes.
  • Staff/faculty with a positive antigen test result will be expected to take a PCR test at or near their place of residence and follow the instructions to stay at home.
  • In addition, staff/faculty may be contacted through the NHS app if they have been in close contact with individuals who have tested positive.


London program staff will provide support to students in insolation:

  • Students who test positive will be moved to quarantine apartments in their building. In some instances, it may be appropriate for a student to isolate in their assigned apartment instead.
  • An initial supply of food items and cleaning supplies will be provided.
  • Grocery and food deliveries can be left at the door of the student’s residence. Student Affairs will provide support to ensure that the students are able to access groceries and other supplies.
  • Staff will support oversight of isolated students by means of regular check-ins, daily via Zoom if possible.
  • Classes will be delivered remotely to a student in isolation, if the student is well enough to participate.


  • No travel outside of Great Britain (England, Scotland, and Wales) will be permitted during Fall 2021.
  • Students must complete the each week and spot checks will be undertaken by London staff.
  • Local excursions and other group activities will take place as allowed by local law.
  • Students’ free time travel must adhere to local guidelines and restrictions. It is the student’s responsibility to know and comply with these.
  • Any inconvenience to the student resulting from free time travel is entirely the responsibility of the student, including the cost of required testing or quarantine, unanticipated travel expenses, or any missed course requirements.


The London program staff is in regular contact with local authorities and in all cases will follow the directives of those local authorities.

  • In the event of a new local or national lockdown, the programs will pivot to remote instruction until in-person classes are possible. Classes and guest lectures may be recorded in order to facilitate access.
  • Fordham London has revised or is currently in the process of revising its Health, Safety, and other policies to incorporate UK government, Public Health England, and Health & Safety Executive guidelines relating to Covid-19.

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