Multi-Factor Authentication for Mobile Phones

Authenticating with Cell Phones

For Students, Faculty, Staff

When you authenticate, get passcodes via SMS/text message sent to your cell phone. It’s more convenient than using the “Call Me” option for authentication.

If you do not have a smartphone for authentication to Fordham systems, use a cell phone. To authenticate, enter a 6-digit passcode sent to your phone via a text message or SMS. This method is quicker, easier, and quieter than the “Call Me” option.

SMS is quicker
After you’ve entered your login credentials in a Fordham system, all you need to do is enter your passcode by typing it into the “Enter a Passcode” prompt.
The “Call Me” option requires answering the phone and pressing any key to approve the login.

Need a passcode?

  • Choose the “Enter a Passcode” option on the authentication window
  • If you need a new batch of 10 passcodes, click Text me new codes in the blue bar at the bottom of the window
  • The batch is valid for 30 days after issuance
  • Use each passcode once

SMS is easier
Your ringer doesn’t need to be turned on.
You don’t need to answer your phone.

SMS is quieter
Phone calls may disturb the people around you.
Passcodes can be entered silently to fulfill an authentication request by choosing the Enter a Passcode option.

Help Enrolling a New Device

If you need assistance enrolling a new device in multi-factor authentication, please call the IT Service Desk to help set it up. 718-817-3999.

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