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Proofpoint Targeted Attack Protection Reference Guide

Targeted Attack Protection, or TAP, is a service provided by Proofpoint. It will protect you from malicious links sent to your Fordham Gmail.



Sample Safe Message
For incoming messages, Proofpoint's TAP service rewrites plaintext and HTML links in the email. This rewrite allows Proofpoint to redirect the URL through their servers. During this redirect, the intended site is analyzed for malicious content. The image below depicts the translation of an email link into a Proofpoint URL.

TAP User Guide Safe Message Example

An example of a rewritten URL is shown below:

TAP User Guide Example URL

When clicking on a rewritten link that is deemed safe by Proofpoint, users may notice a 1-2 second delay for the original webpage to load.

Sample Malicious Message
When users click on a rewritten link Proofpoint or the Office of Information Technology has deemed malicious, users will be presented with a warning page.

TAP User Guide Sample Malicious Message

Sample Warning Page

TAP User guide Warning Message

Always Proceed with Caution
Although your email has Targeted Attack Protection, it does not mean every link is safe. Users should still exercise the same level of caution when receiving questionable emails.


  • Verify the sender information
  • Review the contents of the message
  • Ask yourself if were you expecting this
  • Determine that it is addressed to you
  • Note if it has a generic greeting

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