Etiquette and Considerations for Using AI Notetaker/Recording Tools in Zoom and Microsoft Teams Advisory

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Office of Information Technology


Faculty, students, administrative officials, staff, alumni, authorized guests, delegates, and independent contractors.

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Review Frequency: Triennial
Responsible Person: Chief Information Security Officer
Approved By:  Chief Information Officer

Background Information

This advisory aims to ensure that using AI notetaker/recording tools in online meetings is productive and respectful. These tools can be helpful but should be used thoughtfully to maintain privacy and foster a positive meeting environment. Incorporating AI notetaker/recording tools into online meetings can enhance productivity and documentation. However, it is important to do so with respect for privacy, security, and the overall meeting experience. By following these etiquette guidelines and considering the associated concerns, you can use these tools effectively while maintaining a professional and respectful environment at Fordham University.

Etiquette Guidelines

Inform Participants

Always inform meeting participants that AI notetaker/recording tools will be used. This shows transparency and respect for their privacy.

Obtain Consent

Get explicit consent from all participants before recording or taking notes using AI tools. Respect their choice if they do not wish to be recorded. Refrain from using AI note-taking tools if you are not the session's host. If you would still like to, please speak to the meeting host beforehand to ensure its acceptable use and practicality. If the host agrees, inform all participants before turning the tool or service on.

Respect Breaks and Confidentiality

Pause recording/AI notes taken during breaks or when discussing confidential information. Ensure sensitive information is not recorded inadvertently.

Concerns and Considerations

Privacy: Be aware of privacy regulations and ensure that recorded content is stored securely and accessible only to authorized individuals.

Data Security: Verify that the AI notetaker/recording tool follows security standards and does not expose sensitive information to unauthorized parties, as listed in the Data Classification Guidelines.

Consent and Legal Obligations: Understand and adhere to legal requirements about consent, data retention, and disclosure when using AI notetaker/recording tools.

Training and Awareness: Educate all meeting participants on the proper use of AI notetaker/recording tools and their implications

Regular Review: Periodically review recorded content to ensure accuracy and relevance. Delete recordings when they are no longer needed.

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