Digital Signage Best Practices

For Students, Faculty, Staff

Please familiarize yourself with the following for creating an effective message for Fordham University’s digital signage system. Submit your message via this form.

Digital Signage Governance provides specifications for the configuration of digital signage hardware and the management, design, and dissemination of digital signage content at Fordham University.

For questions about creating a message and anything else about digital signage, contact [email protected].


Submit 2 versions of your message slide to accommodate both portrait and landscape screens.

Screen aspect ratio: 9:16 and 16:9

File dimensions:

  • Portrait: 900 x 1600 pixels
  • Landscape: 1600 x 900 pixels

File formats

  • PNG or JPG format (1MB maximum file size)
  • Submit 2 files, one each for portrait and landscape orientations


Keep your message simple and use efficient phrasing. When planning out your message, think of it as a billboard. Messages will show for approximately 7 seconds. Focus on the most important information. Less is more.

  • Use the 3 by 5 rule: No more than 3 lines of text with 5 words each
  • 5 lines of text with 3 words each

Always proofread and double check your text!

Checklist for events

  • Event name
  • Sponsor
  • Date
  • Time
  • Location (physical or virtual)


  • Use one of these sans serif typefaces: Arial, Roboto, or Verdana
  • Use bold only to emphasize important information
  • Avoid italics (sans serif italic is visually weaker, less legible than regular or bold)

Recommended text sizes in applications used to generate slides:

Adobe Apps (InDesign, Illustrator, Photoshop)
180 point maximum / 60 point minimum
(see TechHelpBee examples) 

Microsoft Apps (Word, Powerpoint)
100 point maximum / 36 point minimum

Google Apps (Docs, Slides)
100 point maximum / 36 point minimum


For optimal legibility (readability), use a white or light-colored background and dark colors for text. (Note that on the screens, the template surrounding the message area is Fordham maroon)

Restricted colors

  • Shades of red or purple that compete with Fordham maroon (#900028)
  • Athletics maroon #700429 (use only for Athletics-related messages)

Memorable URLs

Use a friendly URL, such as If you need one made, contact [email protected].

Images and Video

  • Use images with a minimum resolution of 72 ppi.
    Videos should be no longer than 20 seconds in length. Campus screens cannot play audio.
  • Use copyrighted images ONLY WITH consent. See section VII.C.o in the Governance document.
  • If images/videos include individuals, you must have those individuals’ consent before using them in public. See section VII.C.p in the Governance document.
  • Video must be closed captioned.
  • If you need assistance finding and using appropriate imagery, please contact Marketing and Communications ([email protected])
  • Using multiple images and graphics on one slide can cloud your message. Usually one image delivers the most impact. 
  • Do not use QR codes!

Use of Fordham Seal and Logo

  • Do not use the Fordham seal
  • You do not need to use the Fordham logo. It already appears on the digital signage screen.

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