Digital Signage

For Students, Faculty, Staff


Campus digital signage is used for promoting events and displaying emergency notifications.

Getting Started

All departments and organizations may use the campus signage to promote events on the community playlist on screens across all campuses.

If you'd like to post a message, please submit your files using the Digital Signage Message Submission form. Before submitting your message, review the best practices and guidelines, including required file types and sizes.

Lincoln Center Digital Signage Locations

Leon Lowenstein Center

Main Lobby, Glass Atrium

The Ram Café (Main Cafeteria)

Plaza Level, above Elevators

IT Service Desk (in hallway, near entrance)

2nd Floor, Welcome Center

2nd Floor, Enrollment Office

4th Floor Media Services

7th Floor Hallway

10th Floor Innovation Lab

Martino Hall

2nd Floor

9th Floor Development Office

McMahon Hall

1st Floor Hallway, near Elevators

2nd Floor, Fitness Center

140 West 62nd Street

Argo Tea Café

Quinn Library – 1st and 2nd Floors

Academic Advising Suite

3rd Floor, Student Lounge

Main Elevator Banks on 2nd, 3rd and 4th Floors

Fordham Lincoln Center Cable Television Channel 3

Rose Hill Digital Signage Locations

Alumni Court South Main Lobby
Dealy Hall

IT Business Office – First Floor

IT Office Suite – Basement

Duane Library Second Floor, Campus Visitation
Campbell Hall Main Lobby
Faber Hall Street Level Lobby
Faculty Memorial Hall 5th Floor
Finlay Hall Entrance
Fordham Plaza 9th Floor IT Office
Hughes Hall

Elevator Banks

1st Floor Lounge

4th Floor, Reception Area

5th Floor, Reception Area

Keating Hall

Media Services Suite – Basement

Basement Lounge

John Mulcahy Hall

Main Lobby

3rd Floor Hallway

6th Floor

Loyola Hall


TheBaud Hall

Main Lobby

McShane Center

10+ Screens in New Addition

The Marketplace

IT Service Desk

Office of Student Involvement

Regional Parking Facility Ram Van Office – Ground Floor
Salice / Conley Hall Main Lobby
Tierney Hall Main Lobby
Walsh Library

Entrance Desk

Flom Auditorium Entrance

LITE Center

Fordham Rose Hill Cable Television Channel 3

Westchester Digital Signage

Westchester Campus Main Entrance

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