Laptop First

For Faculty, Staff


(effective from July 1, 2022)

Laptop First program is designed to address the shift in how we work after the pandemic. This program offers employees a standard Fordham laptop, listed below, along with a comprehensive setup to mirror the same experience and power of a desktop that we used to have. The setup includes a laptop, docking station, 24” monitor, keyboard, and mouse. This setup ensures flexibility and mobility, allowing employees to transition between office and remote work environments seamlessly. This also protects the university's data. You can think of the laptop with the large monitor and docking station very similar to the desktop in power, functionality and experience. In instances where an employee needs a desktop, they can have one instead of a laptop. For a non-standard Fordham laptop, a special request is necessary. This special request should include a business rationale explaining why a standard Fordham laptop will not meet the business needs, along with their manager's approval. Despite the emphasis on laptops, "Laptop First" prioritizes meeting the diverse needs of employees to optimize their productivity and comfort in the workplace, whether it might be in the office or at home.


We understand the importance of having reliable technology to support your work. To ensure uninterrupted productivity, we've implemented a policy that computers will be replaced if they are no longer operational (for example, the computer is extremely slow, the system has reached its end of life, and no patches are provided, newer OSs cannot run on the hardware, etc.). If you encounter any issues with your computer affecting its functionality or performance, please promptly notify the IT Service Desk. The team will assess the situation and provide a replacement device as needed, allowing you to continue your work efficiently. Your satisfaction and productivity are our priorities, and we're committed to providing you with the necessary tools to excel in your role.

Coming out of the pandemic and the shift in how and where we work has made us rethink what it means to have a “computer.” We need access to our software and data wherever we work. This required us to move to the Laptop First model and one device to support a user wherever they want to work by keeping their and the university’s data accessible and secure. This led to only one device per person. By having just one assigned device, such as a laptop or desktop computer, users can enjoy streamlined operations and enhanced security measures. One device per person helps streamline operations, bolsters security and reduces costs, ultimately benefiting both users and Fordham. This promotes productivity and workflow continuity. With only one device to manage, a user can focus on maximizing its functionality without the added complexity of juggling multiple devices.

Consolidating all work-related activities onto a single device strengthens security protocols. The IT department can implement robust security measures, such as encryption and access controls, more effectively, safeguarding sensitive data and mitigating the risk of breaches. Having a single, dedicated device simplifies the user experience, allowing users to seamlessly access all necessary tools and applications without the hassle of switching between devices. In addition, this helps  IT support teams provide you and the devices with the best support.  It also minimizes maintenance costs.  In instances where an employee requires more than one device, a special request is needed. This special request should include a business rationale explaining why one device doesn't meet the business needs, along with the employee's manager and area VP/Dean's approval. In some cases, there will be further approval required from the CIO’s office.

Make a request

Request a laptop and peripherals from Tech Help. Log in to the Portal ( > My Pages > Tech Help > Service Catalog


Built to fit your needs

  • Select either a Windows PC laptop or MacBook Pro - Hybrid employees should select a laptop device
  • Optional docking station for peripherals
  • Add an external monitor, keyboard, and mouse
  • Replace laptop when it suits your schedule and your department’s budget
  • Desktops available for those who need it for work or research

Seamless support

  • Securely move your data from your old computer to the new one via Microsoft OneDrive
  • Laptop software and operating system will receive automatic updates and security patches
  • The IT Service Desk can answer questions about your new equipment

Easy access anywhere

  • Use your equipment from a remote location, on campus, or in combination
  • Access your OneDrive files and University systems wherever you have a network connection, whenever you want

Laptops, desktops, and peripherals

Apple MacBook Pro with 14-inch screen

M3 processor (8-core CPU, 10-core GPU)
16 GB memory
512 GB SSD hard drive
WiFi and Bluetooth
2 Thunderbolt/USB-C ports (consider adding USB-C adapters)
3-year Apple Care+

Dell Latitude 5540 with 15-inch screen

Intel i5 processor
16 GB memory
512 GB SSD hard drive
WiFi and Webcam
3-year warranty

Apple iMac

24-inch monitor with Retina 4.5K
M3 (8-core CPU, 10-core GPU)
16 GB memory
512 GB SSD hard drive
WiFi and Bluetooth
3-year Apple Care+

Dell Optiplex 7010 MFF (micro form factor)

Intel i5 six-core processor
16 GB memory
512 GB SSD hard drive
3-year warranty

Peripherals (optional)

  • Kensington SD4780P docking station (incl. HDMI, DisplayPort, USB, and Ethernet connections
  • Microsoft wireless keyboard and mouse
  • USB-C adapters for Macs
  • IT is currently in the process of transitioning systems. Please contact the IT Service Desk for equipment information.

    1. Budget administrators should log in to > My Pages > Tech Help to make a new request for equipment.
    2. On the page that opens, click on Submit a Request, then on Computer Acquisitions. Browse for the desired item.
    3. When you find the item you want, click on More > Request it.

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