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DIVISION: Instructional Technology

POSITION: Learning & Innovation Technology Environment (LITE) Tech Assistant at RH



Under the Emerging educational technology area, Fordham's new LITE brings a much-needed innovative and integrated space to the Fordham community. LITE includes but is not limited to emerging technologies with virtual and augmented reality, a maker space with 3D production, a laser cutter, CNC Router, Photogrammetry, 360 cameras, and other high-end design tools. LITE also provides the Fordham community with two Zoom meeting rooms (Brightpods) and two sound-suppressed recording rooms for video recording and podcasting.
The ideal candidate tinkers, designs, trains, and maintains the area with a desire for creation and looks to make ideas a physical reality using 3D objects, extended reality, and artificial intelligence. Constantly stays updated on cutting-edge technology and innovations for teaching, learning, and research. This position requires collegiality and the ability to be flexible. The candidate must maintain a connective, safe environment to build a positive rapport with the Fordham community. Activities or experiences with science, technology, business, strategy, design, and/or STEM curriculum would be beneficial but not required.


  • Ability to work alongside a diverse group of faculty, students, and staff
  • Excellent organizational and interpersonal skills; public speaking is a plus.
  • Comfortable working with Microsoft Office, Google Workspace, Adobe Creative Cloud Suite, experience with any type of AI-powered software such as Chatgpt, and creation software such as Blender or Tinkercad. Experience with any type of development and photo and video editing software is a plus.
  • Comfortable working with social media content creation and increasing followers on popular social media platforms such as Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, etc.
  • All students must be registered Fordham students in good academic standing during the semester of their appointment.
  • All students are required to use Fordham University’s email system for all work-related communications.


  • Supporting and collaborating with the Fordham community, including various IT and academic departments on technology integration, innovation initiatives, and learning opportunities.
  • Daily equipment and software checks in the LITE space at the start and just before the end of the work shift to ensure that all equipment is fully operational at all times.
  • Work alongside the emerging edtech director and learning space design lead in managing events and developing emerging tech projects.
  • Developing and Facilitating info sessions (SpotLITE) for the Fordham Community
  • Creating and maintaining a repository of tutorials on using equipment safely and documenting projects built in the space.
  • Maintaining equipment, tools, materials, safe use, and schedule of the Makerspace
  • Facilitating and supervising faculty and student-driven innovation projects in our space
  • Other tasks as assigned by the supervisor.


COMPENSATION: $16.00 per hour

Apply to this job. You will be asked to attach your resume to the job application.

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