Student IT Employment

For Students


The Office of Information Technology hires graduate and undergraduate students to work part-time on-campus or remotely. All students may apply for any position, including closed ones. 

Getting Started

All student jobs offer hourly wages and do not include Work Study programs. Internship applicants may need to possess certain skills in order to be considered. Training is offered for all base positions.

Applications are accepted on a rolling basis throughout the year for every position. The status of the position is listed for the current semester only. The Office of Information Technology keeps applications on file for future consideration when/if closed positions open up.

How to Apply

After carefully reviewing the job description, click the apply link at the bottom of the listing. You may use the same application to apply for up to 3 positions, in order of preference.

  • Position Division Status
    Acquisitions Assistant | RH IT Asset Management Closed
    CIO Office Assistant | RH Office of the CIO Closed
    CIO Office Technical Assistant | RH Office of the CIO Closed
    Educational Technologies Assistant | Hybrid Educational Technology Closed
    Endpoint Services Asst | LC EndPoint Services  Open
    Infrastructure Operations Asst | RH Infrastructure Services Closed
    Instructional Tech Asst | LC Educational Technology  Closed
    IT Team 2024 | RH & LC IT Service Desk Closed
    IT Risk Assistant | RH Information Security & Assurance Closed
    IT Service Desk Asst | RH  IT Service Desk Closed
    Learning Spaces Asst | RH & LC Learning Space / Event Management  Closed 
    LITE Tech Assistant | RH Educational Technology Open
    Lab Assistant | Westchester Campus Educational Technology  Closed
    Online Course Production Asst | LC Educational Technology Closed
    PfMO Asst | RH Project Management Closed
    Teaching & Learning Grad Asst | RH Center for Teaching & Learning Closed
    Tech Support Assistant | Remote Educational Technology  Closed
    Unified Communications Asst | RH Unified Communications Closed
  • Positions Division Status
    Academic Computing Intern | RH Educational Technologies & Research Computing Closed
    Analytics Intern | RH Data Analytics  Closed 
    Application Security Documentation Intern | RH Information Security & Assurance   Closed
    CIO Office Intern | RH IT Administration  Closed
    DevOps Business Analyst Intern | RH DevOps Application Services Closed
    DevOps Workflow Intern | RH DevOps Application Services Open 
    Data Journalist Intern | RH Data Analytics Closed
    Database Admin Intern | RH DevOps Application Services Closed
    DevOps Planning Intern | RH DevOps Planning Closed
    Endpoint Intern | RH Endpoint Services Open
    IT Communications Intern | RH IT Administration Open
    IT Service Desk Intern | RH IT Service Desk Closed
    IT Security Intern | RH Information Security & Assurance Open
    Learning Spaces Intern | RH Learning Spaces & Event Management Closed
    Project Management Intern | RH Portfolio Management Office Open
    Web Content Specialist Intern | RH Development & University Relations Closed
    Web Developer Intern | RH DevOps Application Services Closed


Walk-In Centers

McShane Center 266 | RH
Leon Lowenstein SL18 | LC

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