Project Management Intern

For Students

DIVISION: Project Management Office

POSITION: Project Management Intern

SUPERVISOR: Director of Project Management

This internship will provide the opportunity to learn about Project Management and Information Technology. You will work on projects that will give you hands-on experience with IT tools, project management methodology, business analysis, quality assurance and change management. The opportunity will allow you to sharpen your communication and problem-solving skills in a business environment.

We expect you to be motivated and proactive. You will work collaboratively with team members and actively participate in discussions, decisions, and projects. You will work as part of a team and as an individual. You will be engaged and should take pride in your work.

We are looking for Interns who are:

  • Collaborative: Use strong interpersonal skills to actively listen and communicate in ways that foster trust and show flexibility. Easily adapt to varied roles on teams from follower to leader. Change approach or method to best fit the situation.
  • Self-Directed: Must be able to complete projects with limited supervision. Ability to take ownership and ask for help when needed.
  • Interested in technology and project management.


  • Good MS Office or equivalent skills
  • Solid written and oral communication skills
  • Junior, senior, or current graduate student pursuing studies in Software Engineering, Computer Science, Information Science, Information Systems, Business Management, Business Administration (or a related field) or equivalent work experience.
  • Must be registered Fordham students in good academic standing during the semester of their appointment.


  • Support Intake Process
    • Send email confirmation for project requests received.
    • Help with initial project request triage.
    • Assign newly created projects to the corresponding portfolio dashboard.
  • Projects Admin Support
    • Help with scheduling meetings and contacting stakeholders.
    • Support taking notes and following action items discussed at the meetings.
    • Create project folders in Google Drive.
    • Copy / Rename templates that apply.
    • Proofread project documents and suggest how to improve PMO artifacts design.
    • Help to create presentations.
  • Communication
    • Help with communication sent to project sponsors and project stakeholders.
  • TDX administrator backup (supporting PPM strategy implementation)
    • Assign newly created projects to the corresponding portfolio dashboard.
    • Help with TDX data cleaning and running Project Portfolio quality reports.
    • Project KPI dashboard / Infographics.
    • Portfolio KPI dashboard.
    • PPM strategy KPIs dashboard.
  • Change Management
    • Help with training video narration.
    • Support creating training material.
  • Digital Transformation Team
    • Support the PM with admin roles (Agenda, Scheduling meetings)
  • Testing
    • Help with testing of PPM software functionality

COMPENSATION: $18.00 per hour

Apply to this job. You will be asked to attach your resume to the job application.

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