Business and Financial Law

The laws governing business and finance impact the organization and operation of all firms—from small, locally owned enterprises to large, global corporations.

They play a crucial role in the growth, or stagnation, of the economies of individual nations and the world.

Whether you want to work at a law firm or go in-house, the Concentration in business and financial law provides the fundamentals needed for you to solve complex problems in the world of business. 

Courses and Faculty

Foundational, specialty, and experiential courses compose the business and financial law Concentration. Optional extracurricular activities enhance the experience.

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For further information please contact Office of the Registrar or Professor Caroline Gentile.

  • Income Taxation (mandatory)
    Accounting for Lawyers
    Corporate Finance
    Corporate Tax
    Partnership Tax
    Securities Regulation

  • Bankruptcy and Creditors’ Rights
    Corporate Reorganization in Bankruptcy
    International Insolvency Law

    Commercial Law
    Commercial Paper
    Commercial Transactions
    Commercial Finance: Secured Transactions
    International Commercial Law

    Financial Institutions
    Banking Law
    Banking Regulations and Enforcement
    Consumer Financial Protection Law
    Financial Institutions: Banking
    Financial Institutions: Non-Banking
    International Banking

    Governance and Structural Transactions
    Antitrust Law
    Comparative Corporate Law
    Mergers and Acquisitions
    Nonprofit Law
    Partnership and LLC Law

    International Taxation

    Experiential Courses Clinics
    Entrepreneurial Law Clinic
    Securities Litigation and Arbitration Clinic
    Tax Clinic

    Bankruptcy Valuation, Hedge Fund Participation, and Modern Trends in Litigation
    Commercial Drafting
    Introduction to the Deal
    Negotiation and Drafting: The UCC
    Securities Regulation Drafting

    Optional Courses
    Professional Responsibility: Corporate Counsel
    Professional Responsibility: Ethics and Corporate Practice
    Professional Responsibility: Ethics in Civil Litigation
    Professional Responsibility: Large Firm Practice
    Professional Responsibility: Transactional


Journals and Student Organizations
The Fordham Journal of Corporate & Financial Law
Fordham Business Law Association
Moot Court


Centers and Institutes
Center on European Union Law
Competition Law Institute
Corporate Law Center

Networking opportunities

Tap into Fordham Law’s alumni network of experienced attorneys working in the field by joining an affinity group. Student participation is always free.

Attend a Career Development Program to explore career options and learn to showcase your best professional self.

Attend Fordham Law events sponsored by centers and institutes and offered through CLE and Public Programs.