Legislative and Policy Advocacy

Advocate to enact New York State and City laws to promote civil rights and protect the disenfranchised.

Working with grassroots groups and legal advocacy organizations, Fordham's Legislative and Policy Advocacy (LPA) Clinic students draft legislative and regulatory proposals, policy papers, and reports; meet with legislators and their staffers; and conduct legal and social justice research.

Students also collaborate with dynamic social change leaders from across the State and City, work in coalitions to achieve our clients' goals, and educate the public to create social change.

Clinic students lobby for key issues affecting the lives of countless New Yorkers, including:

  • Lowering the State‚Äôs 9% Interest Rate Charged on Consumer Debt, Providing Much Needed Relief for Low-Income New Yorkers
  • Creating Tax Justice for Low-Income New Yorkers
  • Seeking Menstrual Equity in Tax Laws Nationwide and Creating Equal Access to the Bar Exam
  • Advocating for Change to the New York State Grand Jury Laws to Create More Transparency and Access to Justice for Those Charged with Crimes
  • Working to Amend New York State Law to Ensure the Safety and Well-Being of Transgender Individuals who are Incarcerated

LPA Clinic students often recommend new projects for the Clinic.

With its diversity and depth of issues, heterogeneous communities, and vibrant politics, New York is the perfect place to learn to be a legislative and policy advocate. The skills you learn and the experience you get in the Clinic will prepare you to be an effective attorney - whether you pursue a career in legislative advocacy, litigation, or virtually any other practice area.

Without the Legislative and Policy Advocacy Clinic, I would not be where I am today. Both the practical and legal skills I developed during my time in the clinic were invaluable in beginning my career in government and policy, and continue to be relevant years later.

Kelly Taylor, Sr. Legislative Counsel
New York City Council
Legislative and Policy Clinic 2011

We come at the law from a different angle. We work hard, learn a lot, and make a difference through our advocacy at the State House and NYC Council!