Corporate Credit Cards

Obtaining a Corporate Card

The University provides Corporate Credit Cards to faculty and staff who travel or regularly incur business-related expenses, such as purchasing supplies and equipment for the operations of an office on behalf of the University.

Please email [email protected] to initiate an application for an American Express Corporate Card, which must be approved by your supervisor. The Program Administrator will process your request and you will be sent a link to complete an application from American Express. In the application, you will be asked to fill in your supervisor’s name. The automated system will send an email to your supervisor for approval. The email will prompt your supervisor to indicate their approval and to forward the email to the Program Administrator. When forwarding the email to the Program Administrator, the supervisor must indicate the monthly credit card limit.

Use of Corporate Card

The Corporate Card should be used for all travel and business-related expenditures. The card should be used consistent with the following requirements guidelines. Any exceptions will need approval from the Assistant Treasurer.

  • Expense reports containing Corporate Credit Card charges should be submitted and approved within 14 days after the statement end date to avoid late fees. Each department is financially responsible for its own late fees.
  • Please ensure that your expense report includes all transactions that have been included in your Amex statement for that month.
  • All deliveries must be to a valid Fordham address.
  • The business justification for all travel expenses, including individual meals, must be clearly stated on the request for payment.
  • The name of attendees for all meals/entertainment with less than 10 participants must be clearly stated in Concur.
  • Electronic equipment should not be purchased with the Corporate card. Furniture should not be purchased with the Corporate card.
  • Office supplies should be purchased through the University's FINBUY system. If circumstances necessitate purchasing outside the program such as out of town presentation material, please so indicate.
  • Gift cards may not be purchased with the Corporate card. The purchase of gift cards should be done through Strategic Sourcing.
  • Fees for services should be paid through the standard procurement process.
  • In general, nothing should be purchased with the corporate card for which a purchase order is required by University Procurement Policy.

If there are any questions about the appropriate use of the AMEX Corporate Card, please contact [email protected].

Payment of Corporate Card Statements

All corporate cards are linked to the Concur Expense system. Payment of the corporate card through Concur is required of all corporate card holders no matter the level of expenditure or the nature of the items or services purchased.