Travel and Expense Policy FAQs

General Overview


Obtaining a Corporate Credit Card and Submitting Expenses

How do I obtain a Fordham University American Express card?

If you do not have a Fordham University American Express card and you travel frequently or incur a significant amount of expenses on a monthly basis, please email [email protected] to initiate an application for an American Express Corporate Card.  Your application must be approved by your supervisor.  See Corporate Credit Cards for more information. 

When and how often should an employee submit a FINTREX report for reimbursement of expenses?

Employees with University American Expense cards should submit their expense reports in a timely fashion to ensure their card is paid before its due date and no late fees are incurred. In general, employees should submit expense reports only once a month, when possible, as the University incurs transaction fees for each FINTREX transaction.  See the video below for more information on how to submit both American Express corporate card expenses and out-of-pocket expenses in one report.

Travel Registry - Mandatory

How far in advance can I book travel?

Travelers are encouraged to book travel at least 14 days before departure to take advantage of available savings.

What are the main items I must be aware of for international travel?

Always complete the Travel Registry before traveling internationally. This helps the University locate you in case of an emergency.

  1. Book flights through Collegiate Travel Planners (CTP). They can provide desirable pricing and assist with changes or cancellations.
  2. Purchase medical evacuation travel insurance. The University strongly recommends this for international travel.
  3. Be aware of per diem rates for meals and incidental expenses. Per diem rates vary by location and are used to reimburse employees for overnight business expenses.


Airfare and Amtrak

Can I upgrade my cabin class?

Upgrading to the next available class/level is allowed for continuous flights/train trips longer than 6 hours. However, upgrades using rewards/miles/credits are considered personal expenses and are not reimbursable.

How do I directly bill my department for flights?

Employees can opt to use direct billing for flights purchased online via FINTREX or directly via a travel agent from Collegiate Travel Planners (CTP).  Such use of direct billing is also known as  “using the ghost card.”  Once you select your flight choice in the FINTREX system, you will have the option to select “direct bill" and enter your budget number.  See related video for further details.



Is staying with a family member or friend on a business trip permissible?

Yes, lodging with a family member or friend on a business trip is permissible.

  • The traveler may stay with a friend or family member on a trip, but the friend or family member may not be paid.
  • The University will reimburse a non-cash gift such as flowers, groceries, or a restaurant meal which does not exceed $75.00. A receipt is required for any gift greater than $25.00.
  • The non-cash gift limit is one (1) gift per stay.


Vehicle Rental

What is the University's insurance coverage for rental car accidents, and what steps must the traveler take in case of an accident?

Fordham University provides liability coverage for damage incurred with its designated rental car companies, National Car Rental, Enterprise Rent-A-Car, and Hertz Car Rental.

  • If an accident occurs while driving a rental car from one of these companies, the traveler is protected by Fordham's insurance.
  • The traveler does not need to purchase additional liability insurance coverage.
  • Fordham will not reimburse for domestic insurance coverage.

Steps to be taken by the traveler in case of an accident in a rental vehicle:

  • Complete all forms required by the car rental agency.
  • Report the accident to Treasury and Risk at [email protected] immediately upon returning from the trip.
  • Provide Treasury and Risk with a copy of the report to the auto rental agency or the traveler's insurance company, as well as a copy of the police accident report.

I have preferred membership status with a car rental agency other than Enterprise/National/Hertz, why can't I use those since I'm going to get a discount or can upgrade to a higher class vehicle?
Enterprise/National/Hertz must be used unless the service is not available. This assures proper discounts are applied and insurance related matters efficiently managed.



Are parking charges reimbursed for business travel?

Yes, airport or other business parking will be reimbursed. Travelers are urged to use long-term parking lots when available. However, travelers are encouraged to use public transportation, taxi or rideshare to and from the airport/destination if it would result in a lower cost than the estimated parking fees.


Travel-Related Meals

How are meal expenses handled for employees attending conferences or traveling on University business?

Meal expenses for employees attending conferences or traveling on University business are calculated according to the General Services Administration (GSA) meal breakdown for the travel destination. Per diem rates, fixed daily amounts payable in lieu of actual expenses for meals and incidental expenses, are used to reimburse employees for overnight business expenses. The daily per diem will be prorated for days of departure and return.

Can I choose not to use per diem rates and instead provide receipts for meals while traveling?

Yes, instead of using per diem rates you may include actual receipts for your meals. There may be an instance where you have a combination of per diem and actual expenses. See related video for further details.


Business Meals: Other than Travel

What is the process for obtaining approval for expenses exceeding reimbursement thresholds for business meals?

Under rare circumstances, an exception may be made for reimbursement of business meals exceeding the stated threshold.  These expenses must be approved by your supervisor and area Vice President, Dean, or perDeans’ delegate and include the reason for the exception in the comment section. 

What if my business meal includes alcoholic beverages?

Vice Presidents and their designees can approve exceptions to alcohol with a business meal.  Your FINTREX report should be forwarded to your Vice President or their designee and determined by your department for approval.  See related video for further details. 


We are working on a project and want to purchase food for our employees during this process, is this allowable?

Yes, working lunches are reimbursable.  Please select group meals greater or less than 10 attendees.  See related video for further details.