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Frequently Asked Questions

What is FINTREX?
FINTREX is Fordham’s Travel and Expense platform, powered by SAP Concur, a web-based system integrating a complete travel booking solution with an expense reporting tool.

Why should I use FINTREX?
The system includes an online travel reservation system that is very similar to typical online travel reservation systems, contains built-in business rules to assist travelers with multiple travel rules, and allows the traveler to do business via smartphone with Concur's mobile app - of which facilitate quicker reimbursements.

How do I add a travel assistant/arranger?
You can delegate an assistant or arranger to view and modify your profile or to book travel and trips on your behalf. Each traveler may delegate one primary assistant. If configured, this allows the primary assistant's name and work phone number to become part of the traveler's GDS profile. Only users with a work telephone number in their profile can be selected as primary assistants.

To add or change an assistant or travel arranger:

  1. Click Profile > Profile Settings > Assistants/Arrangers (in the Travel Settings section of the left-side menu).
  2. Click Add an Assistant to search for your assistant's last name. Use the following format: LastName, FirstName, for example: Smith, June.
  3. Select the desired assistant from the search results.
  4. Check the box for “Can book travel for me”
    • If you have multiple people assigned as assistant/arranger, check the box for “is my primary assistant for travel”.
      • You can add as many assistants as you need, but there can be only one primary.
      • Primary assistants receive emails for ALL travel activity of the person to whom they are assigned.
  5. Click Save.

How do I book travel for someone else?
If you have been assigned to be a Travel assistant/arranger, use the Acting as other user list that is available in the Profile menu.

To book travel for another user:

  1. Click Profile.
  2. In the Acting as other user section, select the desired user.
  3. Click Start Session.
  4. The travel options and tasks for the selected user now appear. Complete the tasks as usual.

Is there a mobile app?
Yes. Concur for Mobile is available for iPhone, Android and Blackberry devices.

How do I book for personal use, including for family members or other non-Fordham travelers?
To book tickets for non-Fordham travelers, you should first book your own ticket using the Concur system, and then call a CTP booking agent at 844-863-8174 to book for others.

How do I book group travel?
Group travel can be arranged by contacting a CTP booking agent at 800-810-2695 via email at [email protected].

How can I book group hotel accommodations?
Group hotel accommodations can be arranged by contacting a CTP booking agent at 800-810-2695 via email at [email protected].

What happens if an airline cancels my flights?
Call a CTP booking agent at 844-863-8174 to rebook, refund or modify flight(s). CTP will also be able to assist for situations that arise during travel.

How can I change the name in CTP?
Call CTP online assistance at 877-727-5188.

How do I book accommodations for a conference?
If the conference sends you a link to book direct, then you will need to book via that link to get the conference rate and benefits.

Can I get GPS for my rental car?
If available, yes. However, it is not reimbursable.

How do I use an airline club to upgrade my seat?
Please be sure to save your airline club membership numbers in your Concur profile. Some airlines will acknowledge your airline membership within the Concur system and allow you to pick upgraded seats while booking with Concur. For all other airline memberships, please first book the flight in Concur. Then, using the Record Locator to identify your flight information, contact the airline directly to upgrade your seat.

Am I eligible to book a round-trip business class ticket if only one leg of the trip is over 6 hours?
No. Each leg of a trip is considered separately.

Can I get reimbursed for a hotel room if my connecting flight wait time is over a significant amount of time?
Typically, these expenses are not reimbursable however exceptions can be made depending on the circumstance.

Can I get reimbursed for access to an airport lounge if there is a significant delay with the flight?
Typically, these expenses are not reimbursable however exceptions can be made depending on the circumstance.

Do guests have to abide by our travel policy?
No, if expenses are not reimbursable.

How can I provide feedback on the travel policy?
You can comment on the policy by emailing [email protected]. Comments and suggestions are appreciated.

Does the travel policy apply to all travel circumstances?
In general, yes. If circumstances exist that require exemptions from the policy, contact Treasury and Risk at [email protected] or 718-817-4950, extension 4.

Does the travel policy apply to contractors or consultants?
Reimbursement for travel expenses for contractors must not exceed policy guidelines. Lower limits may be adopted.

How often is the policy updated?
At a minimum, updates are conducted annually. More frequent changes may be made as necessary.

I have preferred membership status with a car rental agency other than Enterprise/National, why can't I use those since I'm going to get a discount or can upgrade to a higher class vehicle?
Enterprise/National must be used unless the service is not available. This assures proper discounts are applied and insurance related matters efficiently managed.

What happens if I have an exception?
Your manager will approve most exceptions, although certain exceptions will require approval by the VP for Finance and Assistant Treasurer.

Who manages the travel policy and process?
The policy is the responsibility of Treasury and Risk.

Who sets the travel policy?
The policy is set by Treasury and Risk with the approval of the Senior Vice President for Finance and Assistant Treasurer.

Why are some flights or hotels so expensive?
There are multiple factors that impact pricing for air transportation and lodging. Both airfares and lodging are impacted by supply and demand. Early reservations often result in lower costs. The pricing shown on the CTP/Concur Travel Site are current market pricing.

Why are there so many travel guidelines?
Guidelines are designed to provide business appropriate services at the lowest reasonable cost to the University. The guidelines also assure compliance with IRS regulations related to the reimbursement of certain business expenditures. The policy does allow exceptions.