Concur Expense Submission Quick Reference

Getting Started
Access Concur through the Travel & Expense Reporting channel in the Finance tab of the my.fordham portal

Setup your profile

  • In the upper right corner, click Profile | Profile Settings
  • Click Personal Information
  • Verify and update the appropriate information, then click Save.
  • Contact [email protected] if you need to change something that is greyed out.
  • Click Expense Information
  • Verify the Expense information is correct
  • Click Expense Approvers
  • Verify the Expense Approver is correct
  •  If not correct, notify your manager. The manager must then contact [email protected] requesting that the report-to information be updated. The report-to information should be the manager responsible for your performance review.

Add an Expense Delegate
An expense delegate is someone who can submit expense reports in your name.

  • In the upper right corner, click Profile | Profile Settings
  • Click Expense Delegates
  • Click add
  • Search for and select the appropriate delegate
  • Assign the permissions
  • Click Save

Add a Favorite Attendee
Creating Favorite Attendees makes it easier to add attendees to a Business Meals and Entertainment expense

  • In the upper right corner, click Profile | Profile Settings
  • Click Favorite Attendees
  • Click New Attendee
  • Fill in information for the attendee and click Save

Create an Expense Report
Start the report

  • Click Start a Report
  • Fill in the required fields
  • In Report/Trip Name, enter a name for the expense report
  • Under Business Purpose, enter the business purpose for the expense report
  • Select Yes to claim a travel allowance if you are using per diem
  • Click Create Report

Add travel allowances (per diem)

  • If you selected ‘Yes to claim a travel allowance’
  • Add itinerary stops
  • Click next, then next
  • Review Date/Locations and check off meals provided at a conference or other
  • Concur will calculate the per diem rates
  • Click Create Expenses

Add out-of-pocket expense(s)

  • Click Add
  • On the Create New Expense tab, click on the expense type
  • Fill in the required fields
  • Click Attach Receipt Image to add a receipt
  • Click Save Expense

Submit Expense report

  • Review expenses and resolve any Alerts
  • On the Expense Report page, click Submit Report
  • Review and click Accept & Continue
  • Review totals and click Submit Report
  • Your manager will be notified by email to review and approve the expense report
  • They may include other approvers before sending to Accounts Payable