RPT System

Introduction to Reappointment, Promotion, and Tenure System (Interfolio RPT Module)

Interfolio is a secure online system used for supporting the faculty reviews for reappointments, promotion, and appointments (RPT) to tenure.  This system simplifies the collection and organization of the documents specific to this process and provides secure access to faculty reviewers. 

How is the RPT process management changing?

Starting in the Fall 2023 semester, you will no longer have to submit electronic copies of the personnel documents to our office by using either Google Drive, Blackboard, or Email.  You will be required to use the Interfolio RPT module for the reappointment, promotion, and tenure process.

The schedule and steps for each of the personnel decisions have not been altered from what is present in the University Statutes.  Please consult the Statutes if you require further guidance in this area.

Candidates for any of the personnel decisions (reappointment, promotion, and tenure) will be able to upload and share the necessary materials for the personnel committee, deans, and provost to review.  It will automatically be sent forward to each step and allow department/school administrators to review the packets and add the necessary documentation to complete the process. 

You will be able to log into the system thru the my.fordham.edu portal using the My Apps link.  Another option is by navigating directly to the Interfolio website (https://account.interfolio.com/sso) and searching for Fordham University in the search box for partner institutions.  You will be using your Fordham credentials to log in (DUO authentication).

Department/School administrators will have the ability to view what has been submitted and add any other materials required (external review letters, SEEQ’s, peer observations, norms, etc.). Please contact the OFA office if you need assistance in this area ([email protected]).

What are the benefits of implementing and using the RPT module of Interfolio?

  • Standardized process
    • Secure document storage and sharing
    • Organization
    • Tracking

 What is the process workflow?

  1.  Faculty member receives a link to start the case.  They are given the necessary time to upload and update their dossier in Interfolio   They will be reminded (?) to have the necessary materials in by the deadline provided in the Statutes.  These dates will also be provided on screen in the candidate instructions.
  2. Once the candidate deadline has passed, the case will move on to the Personnel Committee.  At this point, the Department Chair/Personnel Committee Chair will be permitted to review the submission and add any additional materials.  The case will also be open to other members of the personnel committee for review.
  3. Personnel Committee meets
  4. Report with sign-in sheet is uploaded to Interfolio by Chair
  5. Participants in the personnel committee should use the provided form in Interfolio to give their personal feedback by the deadline provided in the Statutes
  6. The case moves forward to Dean(s)
  7. Dean reviews and fills out the recommendation form in Interfolio
  8. Cases move forward for an administrative check (final check to ensure all materials are in for Provost review/approval)
  9. The case moves forward to the Provost for review and final approval
  10. Decisions/contracts sent by DocuSign

Key Terms To Remember

  • RPT: Reappointment, Promotion and Tenure
  • Case: terminology for the application (reappointment, promotion and tenure)
  • Dossier: Interfolio item where candidates can upload their documents relating to their teaching, research, and service
  • Norms: Provided by the School and Departments for each case
  • University Statutes
    • Reappointment: § 4-05.03
    • Promotion: § 4-05.05 (a)
    • Tenure: § 4-05.04 (d) and (h)