About Institutional Research

Pursue the welfare of the Fordham Community and the larger society through research

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The Office of Institutional Research and Assessment (OIRA) takes account not only of the interests of Fordham University and the members of the broad Fordham community, but also of the welfare of the communities beyond Fordham’s gates. Although a large portion of the research conducted by staff members supports reporting mandated by statute, government regulations, or requirements of accreditation, the Office devotes a portion of its discretionary resources to support research on the mission of the University and to collaborate on research with other Catholic and Jesuit institutions.

Furthermore, the "preferential option for the poor," which is central to Catholic social teaching and endorsed in the University’s mission statement, calls on staff members to be cognizant of the needs of marginalized populations and to account for human diversity in its many dimensions, such as gender, ethnicity, race, economic status, national origin, and religious affiliation. Often, the small population sizes available for research make it difficult or impossible to measure the effects of group membership. Nevertheless, researchers do their best to account for the differing needs and perceptions of members of different human groups to measure the mediating and moderating effects of group membership on outcomes of interest.

Adhere to the highest ethical, scientific, disciplinary, and professional standards

The Office of Institutional Research and Assessment (OIRA) conducts research according to the highest ethical, scientific, disciplinary, and professional standards. It applies scrupulous standards of honesty when compiling and disseminating information. Specifically, the Office adheres to the Code of Ethics of the Association for Institutional Research

Accord dignity and respect in human relationships

Members of the staff of the Office accord dignity and respect to all of the individuals with whom we work. We comply with all laws and regulations concerning treatment of human subjects and confidentiality of records. We respect the intellectual property and rights of individuals and organizations.

When conducting research with people or communities who give time and information for a research project, the OIRA investigators attempt to provide something of value to the participants in return for their cooperation, especially when the research results may benefit them only remotely. This includes communicating the results of a study in a constructive manner sensitive to the situation and needs of the audience.