Fordham Fact Book

Data Definitions

Data Definitions A glossary of key terms and definitions to contextualize the data presented in the Fordham Fact Book

Fordham Fast Facts

Fordham Fast Facts A concise compendium of key metrics related to all facets of the institution


Admission 10-year history of Fordham’s acceptance rate (the percentage of undergraduate applicants who were admitted) and yield rate (the percentage of admitted undergraduates who enrolled)

Demographic Profiles by Term

Term-by-term snapshots of: enrollment time status (full-time/part-time); gender; race/ethnicity; student type; residence hall status; religious affiliation; class level; geographic origin – top states; international students – top countries of origin; credit hours; and full-time equivalent (FTE) enrollment 

Fall 2023 Demographic Profile
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Spring 2024 Demographic Profile
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Summer 2023 Demographic Profile
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ARCHIVE of earlier Demographic Profiles

Longitudinal Enrollment Trends

Ten-Year Enrollment 10-year history of enrollment time status (full-time/part-time); school; geographic origin; race/ethnicity; degree program; and field of study

Majors, Minors, and Disciplines 5-year history of undergraduate majors; undergraduate minors; and graduate disciplines – by school and campus

International Student Enrollment 5-year history of enrollment by country of origin; visa status; gender; and undergraduate class level

Retention and Graduation Rates - University 10-year history of undergraduate retention and graduation rates from a University-wide perspective

Retention and Graduation Rates By College and HEOP 15-year history of retention and graduation rates for each of the undergraduate schools of the University and for HEOP

Transfer Student Retention and Graduation Rates By College 15-year history of retention and graduation rates for transfer students for each of the undergraduate schools of the University

Overall Degrees Conferred and 5-year history of Majors, Minors, and Disciplines of Degree Recipients by school, department/program, and level