Online Learning Services

The Director of Online Learning (DoL) supports the design and implementation of online and hybrid programs by

  • supporting the efforts of deans, program directors, and department chairs throughout the program and course development processes so that online and hybrid programs align with the university's academic goals and objectives
  • participating in Faculty Senate committees dedicated to online and hybrid program excellence
  • assisting in the NYSED (New York State Education Department) program registration process of university online programs
  • collaborating with the university's IT department to support appropriate resources for  online and hybrid programs
  • developing and disseminating course design templates and resources for effective instructional practices
  • offering group and individual faculty development to online and hybrid instructors teaching distance education courses
  • communicating with units that provide student support services to ensure that all online students have access to the same level of support as on-campus students

For information and/or resources related to program and course design, faculty development or other questions about online and hybrid learning, please email [email protected].