Internships for International Studies Students

United Nations Internship

Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon meets UN interns. Photo by Rick Bajornas

Expand Your Education to the Real-World

Meet ambassadors, organize international conferences, work on political campaigns, conduct research, contact clients, attend meetings... these are just some experiences that International Studies students at Fordham have as they hone their professional skills through internships in New York and around the world.

International Studies students have recently interned at:

  • The Office of the President of the Assembly at the International Criminal Court
  • The U.S. House of Representatives
  • National Council for Human Rights in Rabat, Morocco
  • Amnesty International
  • The United Nations (as a Youth Representative for Fordham University)... and many others.

International Studies students can earn elective credit towards either the International Track or the Regional Track by enrolling in the International Studies Internship Seminar (INST 3000) and working at least 124 hours over the course of the semester at an internship related to the student's selected track.

Check out Fordham's Career Services office for more information about internships and professional development.