Behind the Scenes of Fordham's Environmental Research

Go behind the scenes of the innovative sustainability research taking place at Fordham with professors Marie Thomas, Alma Rodenas-Ruano, and Talia Padmore, FCLC '25, to see how what's happening in labs could be used for environmental remediation efforts, what its impact on aquatic life is, and how it could all affect our day-to-day lives in the future.

Headshot of Marie Thomas

Marie Thomas, Ph.D., Co-Director of Fordham's Environmental Science Program, Fordham University

Marie Thomas, Ph.D., co-director of Fordham’s environmental science program and a published assistant professor, joined Fordham in 2014. Her research focuses on the synthesis and characterization of ionic liquids for the processing of the biorenewable polymer cellulose. Currently, Thomas is working on developing ionic gels that could be used to purify petroleum fuels and studying the impact of ionic liquids on the neuronal development and behavior of marine organisms. She received a bachelor’s degree in chemistry from Queen’s College, CUNY and her master's and Ph.D. degrees from the Graduate Center of the City of New York.