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WiFi Network Comparison

Features of Fordham's Two Wireless Networks Fordham-S Fordham-P Additional Information
May be used by any member of the Fordham community X X  
Requires one-time download of a wizard that configures the device to connect to the selected wireless network X X  
May be used by wireless-ready devices (mobile devices, tablets, and computers) X X  
Provides a secure connection to the Internet X X Communication on the network, via a Secure or Public login, is encrypted. With a Secure login, the encryption key is uniquely based on your individual password which provides a higher level secure communications. With a Public login, you are sharing the same encryption key with all other devices on the network.
Once a device has successfully connected to the network, the connection will be valid on all campuses, in all buildings X X Students, faculty, and staff who use the secure network will only be asked to authenticate again with their Fordham credentials if they change their AccessIT ID password. Users of the public network will need to agree to the acceptable use policy daily.
Requires antivirus on Apple and PC computers X    
Requires AccessIT ID and password for access X    
Provides a one-time download and installation of an agent (policy key) that scans device to ensure the operating system and antivirus are up to date. Agent DOES NOT collect any personal information stored on the device. X   The agent will notify you when updates to the operating system and antivirus are required, thus ensuring your device is more resistant to Internet threats.
You must have the administrative ability to make changes to your computer X    
Provides 3Gbps Internet connection X (September)    
Provides 2Gbps Internet connection    X (September)  
May be used by guests at Fordham   X  
Access requires daily authentication by agreeing to Fordham's acceptable use policy (AUP)   X  
TVs and game consoles can connect to the network   X (Future) Future access planned for the guest network. Devices will require registration by owner.