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Cisco Conference Now - For teleconferences with up to 6 callers (host and 5 guests), use this service with your 5-digit extension and Cisco office phone.

InterCall Reservationless-Plus - For teleconferences with 7 or more callers, use this service from any phone. To request an account, submit a service request via the Tech Help page under My Pages in the portal or contact IT Service Desk.

Conference Now

Conference Now is available for up to 6 callers (host and 5 guests), and may be used with any phone (including mobile phones). Conference hosts use their 5-digit telephone extension (which is the meeting code) to enable a teleconference call. Hosts must set a PIN for the conference system in advance; this only needs to be done once and must be done on campus.

Access conference bridge

  • Internal callers x11599
  • External callers 718-817-1599
  • Callers will be asked for the meeting code, which is the host's five-digit extension, followed by the pound (#) key
  • Conference host will enter their PIN at the prompt

Set or change PIN for the conference system (can only be done while on campus, connected to the Fordham network)

  • Go to the Self-Care Portal and login with your Fordham credentials
  • Click on the "General Settings" tab
  • Choose the "Phone Services PIN" drop-down menu and change your PIN. The new PIN must be between 1 and 128 numbers long.

InterCall Reservationless-Plus

Fordham University's teleconferencing plan is InterCall Reservationless-Plus. With this plan, conference calls can be hosted when and wherever you want.

Create an InterCall Account
To request an InterCall account, submit a service request via the Tech Help page in the portal. or contact IT Service Desk. When the account is created, InterCall will email you a Welcome Package that includes a dedicated toll-free number and a PIN for your account.

InterCall rates are approximately $0.015 a minute per line. Upon receipt of the InterCall bill, Fordham IT will chargeback to the budget code provided. There are no monthly charges associated with this service, and you incur charges only when you use the service. 

Initiate a conference call
Dial your dedicated toll-free number. Following the prompts, enter your conference code and #. Still following the prompts, press * to identify yourself as the leader and then enter your leader PIN followed by the #.

Join a Reservationless-Plus Conference Call
Dial your Reservationless-Plus toll-free number. Following the prompts, enter your conference code and #.

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