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Acceptable Uses of IT Infrastructure and Resources

2. Intellectual Property

2. Intellectual Property

As each User should have an expectation that others will not abuse his or her intellectual property rights, every User must also respect the intellectual property rights of others including those of other Users, all members of the University community, and all third parties.

Potential violation of intellectual property laws and rights is not merely limited to unauthorized downloading of copyrighted movies, television shows, music, and software through file-sharing software. Rather, the concept of intellectual property broadly covers all copyrighted works, trademarks, patents, and other proprietary and confidential information.

The University requires every User to adhere to a strict policy of respecting intellectual property rights. Infringing and illegal uses may involve:

  • Unauthorized copying or sharing of written works, such as textbooks and course materials;
  • Unauthorized copying, sharing, and use of digital videos or images, digital music as well as logos and other marks;
  • Unauthorized copying, sharing, or installation of software, including commercially licensed software as well as “shareware”; and
  • Unauthorized copying, sharing, or use of copyrighted, or otherwise proprietary, data or collections of data.

It is the responsibility of every User to avoid infringing any intellectual property right, including the rights outlined in the University’s Intellectual Property Policy, found here, and to report the infringement of another User if and when it is discovered. Failure to respect such rights, or report infringements, is a violation of this policy and subject to the sanctions set forth below.