Implementation Information and Revision History

Implementation Information

Review Frequency:
Responsible Person:
Approved By:
Office of Legal Counsel
Approval Date:
February 14, 2018

Revision History

The initial Acceptable Use Policy includes Applicability, User Responsibilities, and Statement of Prohibited Uses, Enforcement, and Sanctions for Non-Compliance, Privacy, and Emergencies Sections. Additionally, policies for Anti-Spam, Email, Peer-to-Peer, Web Hosting and Wireless Policies are added as appendices.
The policy was extensively reviewed and modified by the Office of Legal Counsel. The following changes were made:
  1. General addition of terms, modification of language, and reorganization of sections and sub-sections to the entire IT Policy;
  2. Addition of “User Names” and “Passwords” sub-sections to the “User Responsibilities and Statement of Prohibited Uses” section;
  3. Addition of the “Intellectual Property” section;
  4. Addition of sub-sections and reorganization of former “Enforcement and Sanctions for Non-Compliance” and “Emergencies” sections, now, collectively, the “Monitoring, Reporting, Violations, and Sanctions” section;
  5. Addition of the “Amendments and Revisions” section in its prior format; and
  6. Addition of the “Internet Usage Policy” as an appendix.
This revision includes:
  1. Changes in the password section because of the deployment of AccessIT ID,
  2. A change in Section 5, sub-section B, “Reporting,” which moved the reporting of an incident that involves a student in the Graduate School of Arts and Sciences to the Academic Dean of the school instead of the Dean of Students,
  3. Grammatical corrections throughout multiple sections of this document.
This revision includes:
Modifications to the Peer to Peer Policy meet the Higher Education Opportunity Act requirements of 2008.
This revision includes:
Addition of the password change policy of 180 days.
This revision includes:
  1. Addition of Section XIII Core Google Apps Policy
  2. Addition of Section XIV Non-core Google Apps Policy
  3. Minor grammatical changes
This revision includes:
Modifications to the Peer-to-Peer Policy that reflect new restrictions on peer-to-peer file-sharing are effective as of January 4, 2017.
The policy has been renamed IT Acceptable Use to Acceptable Uses of IT Infrastructure and Resources. Major revisions have occurred in a joint effort between the Office of Legal Counsel and Fordham IT. These revisions include:
  • The reformatting of the policy into the Fordham IT template for policies so that all policies are consistent.
  • The removal of sections from this policy. These sections will now be contained in their standalone policies. The sections removed are as follows:
    • Anti-Spam
    • Email
    • Peer-to-Peer
    • Hosting
    • Wireless
    • Internet Usage
    • Core Google Services
    • Non-Core Google Services
  • Placement of the IT Policy Statement, Applicability, and Related Policies sections of the old policies into the appropriate areas of the IT Policy Template.
  • Elimination of the Current Revision section as that is incorporated in this table.
  • Streamlining of the Password section
  • Modernization of the Intellectual Property section
  • Rewrite the Privacy section to reflect changes in privacy regulations to which the University must adhere.
  • Updates to the Reporting section.
Intellectual Property (Section 2) now includes a pointer to the University’s Intellectual Property Policy on the Fordham Web Site.
Updated links, removed redundant statements, and updated terms with current language usage.
Added mobile device information and updated language.
User Responsibilities and Statement of Prohibited Uses section now includes the Roll-Based Email Uses Policy

Sections in Acceptable Uses of IT’s Infrastructure and Resources Policy

  1. User Responsibilities and Statement of Prohibited Uses
  2. Intellectual Property
  3. Privacy
  4. Monitoring, Reporting, Violations, and Sanctions
  5. User Obligation to Review
  6. Implementation Information and Revision History

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