There should be no expectation of privacy in the access and use of IT Resources. The University reserves the right to access, inspect, examine, monitor, intercept, remove, restrict, and take possession of all University-owned and managed IT Resources, including but not limited to email, network connectivity, storage, printed material, data, software, printers, voice mail, fax machines or services, scanners, computers, mobile devices, telephone equipment, connected devices, laptops, and other files.

The University further reserves the right to examine, use, and disclose any data or content found on the University's IT Resources to further the health, safety, discipline, legal rights, security, or intellectual or other property of any User. Information that the University gathers from such permissible monitoring or examinations may also be used in disciplinary actions. Such information also may be disclosed to law enforcement officials.

The University may exercise these rights for various reasons, including but not limited to the following:

  • Ascertaining whether Users are using the systems per the IT policies and other University guidelines;
  • Preventing, investigating, or detecting unauthorized use of the University's IT Resources;
  • Accessing a User's personal mobile device in the event of litigation (User will be required to cooperate with the University in providing access to the device for that purpose), and
  • Ensuring the University's compliance with applicable laws and regulations.

To avoid doubt, using a password or other means of access control is to assure applicable confidentiality of University-related information and files and not the User's privacy.  

Users should note that the University also may require backup and caching of various portions of the IT Resources, logging of activity, monitoring of general usage, and other activities that are not directed against any individual User or a User account for protecting the University's IT Resources and systems, maintaining security and maintenance, or restoring normal operations of the IT Resources.

Sections in Acceptable Uses of IT Infrastructure and Resources Policy

  1. User Responsibilities and Statement of Prohibited Uses
  2. Intellectual Property
  3. Privacy
  4. Monitoring, Reporting, Violations, and Sanctions
  5. User Obligation to Review
  6. Implementation Information and Revision History

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