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Planning for Classes: Policies and Resources

7.5 Information Technology Resources For Teaching

Fordham University offers faculty a rich array of teaching resources, including smart classrooms; computer labs; electronic reserves (ARES) for digitized course documents; Blackboard, our course management system; video conferencing; SafeAssign, the plagiarism software tool available through Blackboard; and Echo 360 for lecture video recordings. Fordham IT hosts many workshops, trainings, and private instruction so faculty can use these resources effectively in their research and teaching. A general overview with more information and general resources can be found on the University website at Academic technology resources can be found at

Faculty Tab at
Many of the resources listed above can be accessed via the Faculty Tab, located at, the University's portal. The faculty tab also provides personalized information, including teaching schedules, class lists, and online grading.

Every course at Fordham University has a corresponding space on Blackboard. Faculty must activate their course on the site and populate it with course material before their students can use this online classroom space. Blackboard trainings are offered throughout the semester, and online support is available at

Blackboard is accessed from the portal by clicking on the Blackboard icon.

On Blackboard, faculty can find their current and recent courses listed under My Courses. All registered students should appear in the course register the week before classes start. If your current course is not listed, send the following information in an email to [email protected]:
Full course title
Section # (e.g., 003, 01A, etc.)
School or department
Semester the course will be taught (fall, spring, summer).

Smart Classrooms and Media Services
Most classrooms are equipped with one computer and audiovisual equipment. If a problem occurs with any of this equipment, there is also a hot phone in every classroom which you can use to call for help, or you can use your own phone to call the media team located on your campus:
Rose Hill: 718-817-4170
Lincoln Center: 212-636-6313
Westchester: 914-367-3349

Fordham University AccessIT ID
Your AccessIT ID is your electronic identity for using Fordham University's online applications. Use your AccessIT ID every time you access the following:
Fordhamwifi, the wireless network on all three campuses
Virtual Private Network
Fordham Network Access Control
Gmail and other Fordham-based Google applications

If you do not have your AccessIT ID, you must claim it. Go to, select Claim Account below the Secure Access Login, and follow the prompts. Fordham University requires all employees to change their password every 180 days; reminders will be sent prior to the expiration date of your current password. Please note that Fordham now uses Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA). More information can be found here:

New full-time faculty and adjuncts can access once they are registered with Human Resources. Call Human Resources at 718-817-4930 to find out if you are registered and to get your Fordham Identification Number (FIDN).

If you need assistance with obtaining your AccessIT ID and/or setting your password, please call IT Customer Care's Faculty Hotline at 718-817-1111.

Gmail at Fordham University
Your Fordham Gmail address is your AccessIT [email protected] For example, if your AccessIT ID is dd1234, then your Gmail address is [email protected]

Your Gmail account is immediately available for use after you claim your AccessIT ID. To access Fordham Gmail in, click the Gmail icon on the top right. Alternatively, use the URL

IT Customer Care (ITCC)
IT Customer Care is available for all Fordham University students, staff and faculty. They address questions and problems with initial computer setup, your computer's operating system, software applications, claiming your AccessIT ID, Gmail, and wireless and network connections. IT Customer Care can be reached by phone at 718-817-3999. email. Please see this link for information about Faculty Technology Services ([email protected]).